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2am Chicago Breeze
投稿日:2019年 11月 18日 5:59 pm
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Living in Chicago, I often found myself down in the loop in the middle of the night, either on my bike or just on foot, reveling in the quietness that replaced the effervescent bustle of the day. I’d often take my camera to record what I would see, but it was always the silence that kept my attention. Lost in my own head of dreams, possibly planning my next project, I’d act as a voyeur looking into the windows of the looming buildings, often wondering about who lived in the flats of downtown Chicago.

It must have been late June, maybe early July, as I recall the balmy feeling of a warm breeze playing on my bare arms and legs as I wandered the street in the tiny hours of the night. I was already feeling electric, alive, and all my senses were buzzing at their peak. I noticed soft light emanating from about a 2nd or 3rd story window just ahead of me, and my curiosity heightened around what it was coming from as only blackness seeped from all the surrounding facades. As I came closer I noticed the backside of a young woman pressed firmly against the floor to ceiling height window. Soft electric light from the street lamps illuminated the edges where her skin lifted away from the glass, highlighting 2 flat circles of flesh. Her legs receded into the dim light losing definition, and in front of her between her spread legs I could see the man, young, maybe in his 30’s, holding her hips and rocking into her with a deliciously paced rhythm. Even in the low light from the street, I could see he had intensely bright eyes, probably blue, as he locked them with mine as I stared up. A galvanic charge pulsed through me as my breath hitched when our gaze met and froze. My breathing had deepened and I felt arousal expand inside of me, and the beginning feeling of a growing wetness between my legs. I was locked in place and could not look away, wondering if the woman he was fucking was aware that her previously private duo had just became a threesome. Without even thinking my hand had assumed a mission of it’s own and made it’s way to the front of my cut offs, pressing and rubbing myself slowly, heatedly. When I became aware of what I was doing, I stopped for a moment, but then continued on consciously. If anyone was out on the street with me that night, they did not make themselves known. At that moment, he physically was fucking her, but was in my head, and he knew it. I could tell by the changes in their pace and the quickening movements of her ass on the glass that she was getting close to climaxing and I expected him to revert his focus from me to her, but he never took his eyes away. Honestly I don’t even recall him blinking. Time had stood still, so as for how long I had been there, I had no notion of. The woman’s movements now became almost frantic and I assumed she must have been orgasming as I continued to stare at him and he at me. It was barely a second of a heartbeat as I watched his face grow tense and thoughtful almost, and felt his stare burrow into me even further, as his body bucked forward pressing the woman fully into the window pane. I knew he was cuming at that moment, and it was me now who ramped up the intensity of eye contact, looking deeply into him as his face relaxed and his eyelids fluttered. He looked at me as a man looks at a woman he is in love with. I watched as he let go of his partner and receded back a bit, yet still watching me. I would of given anything to know what was in his head at that moment……Quickly, I turned and walked away. Leaving them to their bliss and returning to my street lamp lit world of quietness and day dreams….

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