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Take me part 350
Posted:Oct 26, 2021 5:17 pm
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 4:27 am

"We've got about four hours until 'll get light enough that the birds start fly, that is when you want be out of the sky, or on the ground and shifted. 's easier explain why you smell so bad. aren't many of left and keeping a low profile is key. 's not that you can't be seen by a person here or but no joy flying. Understood?" I nodded

"Good. I'm surprised that Gaia allowed another person to shift into a dragon, 's interesting because most of them are quite old, even for dragons. Marnine is...was.... the youngest and hers is six hundred years old. I lived in an age when dragons were kind of like horses are today, they could fly. The worst thing we did then was use them in war. Sadly, I was one of those did, but I am very used dragons and riding them. I assume the others taken a ride." I nodded. "Yeah, well that's not me. I'm going teach you what I know and what I know is war. I'm going show you how work with me so that you will instinctively do what I want you do when we are flying."

"Dragons vast power and skill but 's honed over centuries usually by skilled riders that stay with that dragon. We don't that. We me, and you, and I am curious about what you can do. What your instincts are like. What your fear level is like as well as your trust level. Dragon and rider, in my day, were a symbiotic organism practically, communication was beyond telepathic. Back then they were 'born' dragons instead of you and Marnine shifted into a dragon. I'm not sure is much difference as dragons are dragons. They might disagree. I suspect you will be getting a visit from Dreka sometime soon. He is the oldest, and wisest, of the dragons. I'm sure he will be interested in you one. Are you ready fly?" I nodded.

"Can you speak?" I nodded. She laughed. Good, humor is important and 's obvious you no problem making a fool of yourself but please no bouncing, or killing trees." I smiled.and shifted. Aisha touched my scales as she walked around me as if I was at an auction. I chafed a bit at that and snorted. "Oh stop being so sensitive, I haven't seen a dragon like this since I was alive. Interesting. You, or Gaia, chose a battle dragon. This was the most prevalent dragon in my time. Wise choice because this is the most versatile variety. I am now most curious about your path." I was too.

"Bring your left leg to ninety degrees like you are going to stand, leave and lower your head." She stepped on , grabbed some scales and swung herself onto my back. "Brings back many memories one, mostly good. I need you speak me instead of nod. Can you hear my thoughts?" I nodded. She me, which hurt her more than me.

"Of course I can understand you. 's similar how the girls and I communicate although slightly different, I suspect that's because I am the dragon now."

"Excellent, Danael. Let's do some exercises so we can quicken our response time together..."

"Let's not. Hold on Aisha." I jumped and flew upward gaining altitude quickly."

"Impressive but remember we work as a team, always. Understood?" I told her yes. "Good, now drop left." I dropped my left shoulder and plunged downward, righting myself as we headed to land. "Do you trust me?" I nodded. "Good, when I tell you I want you to pull up and flap your wings backward as hard and fast as you can while you breathe fire. Now!" Holy crap I had no idea I had that much power, or finesse. I came within a few feet of hitting the ground. I was hovering as I blew.... ice.?" Well, it had started to snow. "Fly right along the ground as fast as you can." Now we're talkin'...Top Gun Dragon. I did as she asked and flew except I banked right again and flew over the ocean so I could get my claws wet in the process. I could feel her chuckle.

"Are you finished?" Yes. "Good." I could feel her lean into me and put her head against my neck as she reached around and grabbed on. It wasn't unpleasant, not at all, in fact it was quite, soothing. " attention and fly straight up, NOW!" I did, almost before she finished saying . 'Excellent Danael. Go as fast as you can." I could feel the power... 'Faster!" I did. "Faster, Danael." felt like some switch was flipped and I bolted. "Stop and ...." I had already done it and was dropping straight down. I had my wings folded back for maximum speed and stretched myself out for maximum aerodynamics. "Good, Danael. Good." I had no idea how fast we were going, but it was fast and the ground was approaching quickly. I trusted Aisha so I waited. "I want you use to your wings similar to before but instead of stopping I want you to swoop and buzz the ground low enough that you could grab a sheep or cow, or man. Trust your instincts one. I will leave you, just don't kill us."

She didn't say anything but I could feel her growing nervous. She said trust my instincts. I was going pretty fast. I put on the brakes but I also did something odd that sort of just happened, I pulled myself backward with my mind slow me the final bit before I swooped and plucked the imaginary sheep off the ground. I immediately started flapping, hard, and banked left, and then a hard right and upward, and straight down and landed by the cave like the first time. I hovered and then landed. I was exhilarated. I was curious if Aisha was going me. I put left leg up for her. She hugged my neck before she climbed down. I looked at her as took my jaw and scratched under . I didn't feel anything, but I liked . was like having my ears scratched as the bear.

"You can become a bear too? Show me." I had never shifted from the dragon to the bear, or vice versa but I tried and was easy. That was convenient and could come in handy. I wondered if a person one would be riding the other after I shifted? Hmmmm. "Oh my Gaia, at those ears." She was scratching them, and laughing, when I felt Annie growl.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything." She wasn't happy. "I came on Daniel since snowed last night but I see that he's fine." How was this my fault? She was scratching MY ears.

Aisha smiled, easily, as she stopped and turned. "We just finished our first lesson and Danael said he could turned into a bear so I asked to see and then saw those ears and couldn't help myself. could?" Annie melted as she walked up.

"I know, right, they're like teddy bear ears." .....and they were best friends, of course. "How did he do?"

"Impressively. He did things he shouldn't be able do."

"Really? Tell me about ," and they walked away leaving me alone I shook my head and grabbed my cape. I didn't want put on because I smelled. Oh well, wasn't that far so I headed home. was that far and I was freezing when I walked in, luckily was early and hardly anyone was up. I didn't say anything, dropped the cape, went into the bedroom, and got into the shower, trying not to wake anyone. I failed. Chloe and Taiiko came into the bathroom.

"Daniel? Are you OK?" I was too cold to talk. They opened the door and I was shivering. They both stepped in and hugged me so their warmth would help the water. took ten minutes before I stopped shaking but afterward we got to bath each other. Sadly, would be hours before my balls would feel safe enough come out. I should worn the cape. We dried, and dressed, and laughed. I kissed both of them good morning and told them all about my flying. They were as amazed as I was as we went into the kitchen for coffee. Ama looked at me.

"You OK? You seemed a cold when you burst in."

"More chilled I'd say, isn't that right," as I looked at Chloe and Taiiko nodded and both took long sips.

"OK, as long as your warm enough now because we need to go to town after breakfast, so eat..... a lot. You need because Aisha was telling us about your flying. I think she used the word, odd." I stared at her as she laughed. 'Eat Daniel, you did amazingly well she said and in some things, impressively well." I smiled as Annie hugged me from behind and looked at Chloe and Taiiko.

"Aisha said that our mister flew like he'd been flying for hundreds of years with an experience rider. She said it was odd because he shouldn't been able know how do the things he did." She kissed me and wrapped her arms around me. "She also said that you're a battle dragon and that she would fly with you anytime. That is no praise, mister, if you knew she was. Ama was telling me earlier because I couldn't sleep. I was worried about you alone in that cave. We are proud of you Daniel, now eat, a lot." I did because I was hungry. Aisha came and sat with us, across from me.

"When I asked you swoop for the sheep, you knew I was getting nervous because you were going too fast to pull out of the dive yet you didn't slow down. Why?"

"You told me to trust my instincts and they said I could, somehow, so as I got to the point of crashing I pulled my momentum backward, kinda like reverse engines when a plane lands, and used my wings, and worked. Why didn't you tell me slow down?" She was quiet, as were the girls.

"I was trained that dragon and rider trust each other, implicitly, so that the bond becomes unbreakable. I was telling this Annie earlier, what you felt when you said was soothing, that was you beginning link with me as your rider and beginning trust me. 's instinct and is nothing sexual related . Dragon and rider had trust each other with their lives, mostly the riders but it was devastating for a dragon if their rider was killed. Dragons actually very gentle hearts. I didn't expect you begin linking so quickly, 's a complication and I need talk with Ama and Gaia about it because I am not your rider. You don't a rider, and should stay that way so anyone you want can ride you. You did good one, now eat more. What you did took a lot of energy."

I ate two and half breakfasts, as they looked on in awe. I poured my third cup and sat in front of the fire, finally. We needed more wood but I was going to enjoy the peacefulness of the fire, and my coffee, when Uncle Billy plopped down next me.

"Hey big , I hear you can turn into a bear, and a dragon."
take me part 349
Posted:Oct 26, 2021 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2021 2:02 pm

Chloe was sweet and cute all at the same time. It was like we were on a date, except she was pregnant. She got chicken, sheep's milk cheese, dark rye bread and raw goat's milk. I had to stop her but she was smiling and I couldn't help but kiss her as Sara walked up smiling and hugged both of us. Our lives were changing in ways that we couldn't fathom. I'm sure Sara knew it but I wondered if everyone else knew how drastic that change was going to be. Once again Sara, and one of ideas, turned out to be a genius, or super genius, choice. Going back to CO is what we all needed before we began our new lives...wherever. I finished and washed my plate as Sara and Chloe teased each other and put the food up. Ama walked up and said I needed to go to the cave and get some sleep because Aisha would wake me before I knew it. We nodded.

"Come on sis, you're coming too because you will be using the cave after the ceremony. Grab your coat." Chloe looked at her, stunned. I grabbed the heavy wool cape that Ama gave me. She said that it belonged to someone close to her but he no longer needed it. I didn't pry, but it was nice and warm. I said goodnight to everyone and that I'd see them in the morning and how happy I was they were there. Ama told the guards that we'd pick up Henry and Sabrina the following day since we'd be down there. Yoshi's students had arrived so I wasn't worried. Jane's could take care of a dozen people once she got moving. Other than the dragon, that Irish Elk is the one thing I would not want to mess with, not even as the bear.

I needed to spend more time with her and Alison. Hell, I needed to spend more time with all of them. Luckily it was old home week with Deat, his family, and Lieve and Heather. They spent a lot of time while Lieve was learning the basics of flying drones. I wanted to talk with her about that. More and more balls kept getting added but I was doing OK so far, mostly, I just hoped I could sustain it.


"What?" They were both looking at me, oddly.

"Are you OK? You were lost to us."

"I was just thinking. I guess it's everyone being here but I was remembering so I guess I was kinda lost. Sorry." I took their hands and we walked in silence, at peace with each other like we were in the beginning, to the cave. It wasn't a cave as one would normally think of it rather am outcropping of rock with the center carved out. There was no telling how long that took but a lot of people had used it for various things. I was curious about all of the uses, little did I know that Sara and I would discover many of them over the coming years. Chloe and Sara both rested their heads against my arms as we walked. It was a wonderful way to end what turned out to be a wonderful day.

We arrived at the cave and Chloe asked, "aren't you going to be cold sweets? It might snow later." It did feel like snow. I smiled, walked behind the cave and shifted into the dragon. Sara said I needed to practice. She was smiling as she hugged her sister. I blew fire at the rock. I probably could kept going but I didn't want to crack a cave that had been used for eons. I shifted back smiling.

"Proud of yourself?" I nodded. "Come on Chlo, his ego is getting bigger than his head. They kissed me goodnight and were leaving when Sara turned around. "Sleep means sleep Daniel, not running around like an idiot as the bear. You'll have plenty of time for that. The cave teaches while the person sleeps, or shows them what they need to understand and know, or takes them to Gaia.... or brings Gaia to them as a fox. She told me. She came to me as butterfly. Sleep and have fun flying." Chloe and Sara walked home hand in hand. I was a lucky man.

I crawled into the cave, which was quite toasty and situated myself against the back wall. It was tall enough to stand and deep enough to have a fire. A hole had been made in the top on both sides of the entrance, somehow, to act as a chimney. I figured it worked but I didn't need it. It was maybe twenty feet wide so I assumed multiple people had stayed in it at times. I arranged part of the cape so it would protect me from the ground, wrapped the other half around me, and drifted off to sleep. It didn't take long for the dreams to start.

I was back in Denver, at the shop, watching everyone working and laughing. Sam and Javier and the new crew. Javier was teaching the newest employees how to stack the lumber and how to sand while Sam was the intermediate guys, and gals, how work the planer and table saw. He worked with a few of the most experienced and showed how to sharpen the chisels and clean up the dovetail joints. He also showed them how to assemble the casket and ultimately how to seal it. I missed it. I missed them. They were my brothers, like Deat. I was lucky in that I found new ones since mine didn't speak with me.

I moved to the back and into the studio. It was warm, lived in.....happy. I went out back and Bob came out of his den, which looked good even though Sara will make me plant more grasses around it, especially at the entrance. She'd be right. He looked at me and then turned around. He walked up to me, unafraid, and sat down staring up. I reached down and petted him as he smiled and shook his tail. I told him Sara would there soon. He got up walked to his den, turned to look at me, and went inside.

I thought of Chloe's house and was there. It felt desolate, lonely and loved. There was a sadness as I went in remembering how much love filled it before we moved to Sara's. We had change this. Do something. It was unacceptable for such a lovely home to be like this. I apologized and filled it with as much loving energy as I could muster in this form as I moved to Sara's. I didn't go in out of respect. I didn't need to because it radiated love and joy, even more so than the shop and studio. We needed a couple or young family in Annie's, that's all there was to it. I didn't go to Janey's house because Sarah and the girls were there so I went to Alison's condo. It was similar to Chloe's, empty, desolate.... just a bunch of unused rooms. I wondered if books and records, or DVD's, felt like houses did when they went unused.

I went to Henry's. I could have found it even if I hadn't known where it was because the whole neighborhood pulsed with vibrant energy. I was almost giddy. It reminded me of the July Fourth and Halloween parties we threw, when we weren't getting shot at. The area was coming alive again. I hoped that Henry and Sabrina recognized that and were looking around at empty buildings because Henry's was the start of a renaissance for that entire area. The smile left my face and I started to feel like Annie's house and Alison's condo as I walked around Henry's center, our center. I felt disconnected from it, from all of it. I was my home, and would be, but I/we were being pulled away from life there. We had to choose to include it in our new lives, to make it the priority that it was. Those were OUR roots and we needed to make them stronger whether we were there or not.

I was pulled back to the cave and woke with a start in the darkness. I knew Aisha was there, and she knew that I knew. She waited patiently as I wiped my eyes and walked out of the cave saying hello.

"I didn't want to disturb your dream because it was important but we need to fly young dragon." I nodded.
take me part 348..... Hope this edit works. It's getting worse.
Posted:Oct 25, 2021 3:13 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2021 5:17 pm

was a full day and things were moving more quickly but I wasn't powerful enough slow them down. was like we got close a black hole and the gravitational force was winning out. We were going meet our destinies, ready or not. was nice that we had a bit of a respite, well everyone but me and Sara I suppose, and we still had a few days for the rest of the family arrive. Tina and Steph were busy, Gaia bless them. I could feel them on the road. wouldn't be long and all of us were excited because we missed all of them, but we also missed our home. Sara looked up at me as she hugged me. Let's walk while we can, love.

"You know I miss you, right? So does Chloe."

"I know but I've given up trying figure out why you do what you do, or think what you think because you a Sara reason." She smiled and kissed me. "As far as Chloe is concerned, I know that too. 's just that is so much contend with, on so many levels, I've been focused on that and keeping us safe so I've neglected all of you."

"No you haven't silly, and Chloe understands better than any of us because of Jake. 's just harder for her because she wanted you herself, she still does, but she understands. We all do. You need practice Daniel. The burdens are going rest on you for quite sometime until we can break the hold Marnine still has. We will, but it will take time and diligence but we'll do it. We are already doing it. how excited Melinda and the girls are about the ceremony. I hadn't realized how big a deal it was until I started working with Ama and Gaia.
It's a pretty big deal. If everyone could be here they would, it's that big. We bring them hope. You and Annie especially, but all of us because of the prophecy. You and Taiiko will the effect in Japan. Hope is a powerful force Daniel, remember that."

"I know you are conflicted, and pulled back CO help, but they understand and are more than capable of handling things, even if you don't agree," she said as she pinched me. "You can't do everything Daniel, but we all feel that pull. We miss home and we miss them...and Bob. I miss Bob so much I can barely stand but those are chosen never an easy path. 's part of the deal so we make the most of ." She was quiet for a while as she looked at the road, seeing them as I was seeing them.

"You need take out the sniper's Daniel, that is imperative. We can't lose Ama because 's going take a long time until I will be ready take over her role, so we can't lose her. We can't lose because she's our Ama." I nodded. She looked up at me wistfully, again, as if was something she wanted say but she hugged me instead. We should walk back because they'll be here soon. Race you back.'." She was already gone before I started because she pushed me and laughed. She won, of course.

The SUV's started pull up the house. Ama's was first. Her, and a woman I had never seen before got out. was was obvious they knew each other, and had been talking. 'Daniel....Jake... I need your help." We walked up. This is Aisha. She's one of my oldest friends and she'll be staying here and then will accompany us Norway. Be nice her. Jake and I laughed but Aisha was boring a hole through me, not in a bad way just trying read me. " Help us take this food in. You're going love Jake. They had fermented shark and pickled cabbage. Yum! I can't wait." Jake just stared at her as the rest of burst into laughter.

"She's kidding Jake, although she does like it. I watched her eat it and I can still smell it." He said good. We put six large aluminum containers on the counter.

"Jake help Aisha and get all the plates and bowls and put them on the table. are more in the pantry. You don't need set the table and don't flirt with her. You, come with me. Even though Jake is black you could still see him blush. Ama and I walked outside. I want you tell me everything your saw, heard, or felt earlier, and focus. These.... creatures.... are on our lands. They are an abomination. Sara was right when she called them a scourge. We are going eliminate them. I don't normally involve myself but I'm making an exception for these beasts." I told her everything.

" is Aisha? She's intense and was boring a hole through me when we met."

"She is a warrioress and tracker. She's also flown on dragons and you need learn quickly so she doesn't fall off because she will going with you when you fight these 'things.' The girls won't like it... at all... but that's mostly hormones, mostly. She is the warrior you will become, Daniel. Sleep at the cave tonight. Aisha will wake you when it's time to fly. Sleep as much as you can, you'll need it. Let's go in. Everyone's excited to see all of you and I stole you away." We walked in as people were grabbing food. The girls surrounded Bethany, Christine, and Emily and Maggie and Bet. Jake was by the fire with Uncle Billy and Ellen, laughing. I hugged them both as I walked up and we said hi. Unc was never a 'hugger' but are just too many of us and he finally surrendered.

We caught up and they told us about the shop, and the studio, and most importantly Bob. Sara walked up and hugged them, and Jake, as they were telling us about him and made them start over. Uncle Billy got his phone out opened the photo's and handed her.

"We figured you missed him because he sure he misses you." She looked at them through teary eyes. He looks around every time he come in and goes out, and when someone walks outside. He's fine but he's certainly looking for you. We visit with him and give him chicken and Maggie, Bet and the girls adopted him and are almost every afternoon. He's well taken care of. I'll send those you. Here, these are a couple of video's of him and the girls playing fetch. I still don't think he has the concept down." I laughed.

"Oh, he knows exactly what's he's doing. He's a fox and smarter than all of us. He's making them do the work. They laughed and nodded as Sara smiled and cried.

"We are going back after the ceremony, all of us. Period. Understand, mister." I nodded. "Good. She hugged Billy and Ellen. Jake went be with Emily and her mom's. Sara and Ellen sat on the couch as Unc and I walked outside.

"It's nice here, and it's dark. I can't wait until the sun comes up. How are you...all of you?" I told fine but stressed, which he understood. He filled me in on the shop, the business, the studio in more detail. I told him thanks but that I wasn't worried. "Ellen's and grand decided stay. They are still at Janey's, and loving in Denver. We all need discuss that when we get the chance. They don't want take advantage. We told them was fine." I said was fine, no worries. "The boys came and got your dad's machinery and tools. They were like at Christmas. I set aside the blacksmithing and welding stuff and a few other things along the way that I thought you would like to. James asked the amount we had agreed on. He looked at his brother's and then at me and said that it wasn't enough, which, after looking at everything, I agreed so the total is fifty thousand more which is still a steal. I gave the Bethany."

"Sam and Javier are doing fine, but they sure do miss you, all of you, but you especially. You realize that the shop belongs Sam and Maggie now, right, and you're a majority 'silent' partner?" I smiled and said I knew. My heart hurt because I loved working with Sam and watching Mags give him shit about eating at Henry's. Sara and Ellen walked up and hugged us. "Maggie is better at your job, sorry but it's a fact." Sara clapped as I laughed. "She took to it like a duck to water after going through the notebook you left about the expansion you planned and ran with it. She tweaked things a bit but they are moving right along. The bench you made for the couple lost their are going crazy. Thank god Sabrina has been focusing on the warehouse. Thankfully 's almost done because you need the I more photo's on my full camera, more of Bob too. Things are going really well."

"Good, because I'm going do the thing here and in Japan... other places. What about Henry's." Sara squeezed me in anticipation.

"Wait until you see the photo's, it's an amazing transformation. You did well choosing Sabrina. I help at the shop about half the day because that gets me out of Ellen's hair, gives me something do, and we still time explore. Well, we've been doing our exploring at Henry's and the center. He's like a man again, wait until you see him. He's so happy. Sabrina has a lot do with that but it's also the work. He and I talked a lot over beers at the fire pit. He gave up and was just holding on for the and then you showed up but now it's like he has a purpose. It's really nice see." Sara looked at me.

"We've missed a lot, Daniel." I hugged her and nodded.

"The facade is finished, for the entire center because it was the easiest, and the smartest choice apparently, because people are stopping by in droves asking about it, and when Henry's was going to open. One of Javier's, or Maggie's cousins is good with computers and she's been taking some of my photo's and started a website documenting construction and talking about the project. It's becoming a big deal in the area. We know all of you miss us and home, and the feeling is mutual, but things are fine so you don't need worry about that part." Sara said.

"Let's get you some food while 's still some get." We walked back in. I stayed at the door and looked at most of my family. I was a lucky man. I just needed keep them unharmed and intact. I said hi Bethany and Christine and Bet and Maggie and said I'd be right back. "Jake, let's go." He followed me outside with a huge smile on his face. "You happy." He nodded and said yeah. "Me too, kiddo. Put out your arms. I loaded them with wood and then filled my left arm and opened the door. Emily, love, follow Jake and unload for him. It's easier." I did the and went back for one more arm full as Maggie and Bet followed me outside. They gang hugged me and kissed me. Maggie spoke first.

"We hope don't mind us bringing the girls, we've talked with your girls about it but wanted in with you." I stared at her shaking my head. "Good, because we both wanted them be since they are old enough remember . How are you?" I rolled my eyes.

"'s a lot going and that doesn't include the ceremony. 's crazy how badly they want us dead. I'll tell you the thing I told Melinda, I'm totally fine with the girls being but 's likely that someone is going try and disrupt the ceremony. We're doing our best prevent but might get dicey. We don't know, but 's damn nice see you both. I hugged them again and looked at Bet. You're awfully quiet?" She looked at me.

"Javier has been keeping me in the loop and we're worried about you, at least I am, he's too busy being a real estate developer. 's pretty darn cute though and you suggesting us stopping most of what we did was the best idea ever. Javier, Billy, and Henry are like the three amigos. 's a good thing me, Mags and Ellen like each other. You do realize that you are going fight Bill and Ellen get your studio back, right?" I laughed. They both looked at me. "Seriously, they love and we both think they are planning move CO. Anyway, Javier and I are taking the end of the center, opposite of Henry's and we're going put in our own businesses once 's done. We're already working on . The area is becoming even more diverse with the Hispanic and Asian communities exploding in a fifteen mile radius. aren't a lot of authentic options...yet." Mags was smiling. "Javier and Henry already signed a lease for an Asian restaurant and catering company. Combine that with the space we set aside, which was more than we first planned, luckily, and the entire first floor of the part that was vacant will be full. I wouldn't be surprised if we were fully leased before it's finished." Mags chimed in.

"Daniel, it really is amazing. Sabrina has surprised all of us, and Henry is over the moon happy. He's happier than Sam and I can remember, thankfully." I nodded.

"Billy filled me in on you and Sam. Sounds like I am no longer need." She got a huge smile on her face.

"I can't convey how happy I am Daniel, both of us. Sam's like a different man. It's funny because not much has changed except he's had fill in the gap of you not being , and the fact that we are part owners now. 's wonderful for him even more so for me because I get watch him. Did Bill tell you about the benches?" I nodded. "Thank God for Bill being because I got him take photo's of the one you and Sam made, and the grave, because 's always pristine, and we got a website up, and a sister site for gardens, and I spent a week calling cemeteries around the country directing them the site. We back orders Daniel. Back orders. 's going crazy." Bet stepped back in.

"Javier and I been pulling people from the family and getting them into the shop so they can get trained, especially the . We're ramping up fast and things are going well.... we just miss having you guys around. When are coming back, at least for a visit?" I grabbed more wood and we headed back inside.

"According Sara, we are all coming back sometime after the ceremony. She misses 'her' Bob." They both laughed. "We all miss you too, like you can't imagine and I can't wait to see all the changes. We a lot talk about but not tonight just enjoy. I'll be back as I headed to the fireplace, which was oddly vacant, and unloaded the wood when Bethany punched me.

"So I take that you spoke with Sara?" She smiled, nodded, and kissed me.

'Yeah and the reason I punched you was because she said that you told her I probably would." I hugged her and hugged and kissed Christine. "I don't mind and you know me, I love that stuff." I nodded.

'We sure miss you both. We miss all of you. What do you think about Em and Jake? Are they different? It's hard for us to tell anymore." They were both quiet and started tearing up.

"They're adults Daniel, adults. She's not my any longer. She's a woman." 's amazing and right on cue Emily and Jake came and snatched them away as I smiled. Everyone was in the kitchen. I took Chloe and grabbed her jacket as we walked outside and held it for her while she put it on.

"Why thank you kind sir. What's the special occasion?" I kissed and hugged her.

"I miss you. I've neglected all of you with everything going on, but especially you it feels like..."

"Stop Daniel. It is what it is. We'll work all this out but it's never going to be like Denver, Love. Let's walk and enjoy the silence while we can." We both laughed and headed down the drive. "Being here has been great, and important for many reasons, but part of me wishes we could just flown in a few days prior the ceremony, especially after seeing everyone, and Henry and Sabrina aren't even here yet." I told her I knew and hugged her while we walked. "Sounds like we aren't needed in Denver?"

"Sounds like ." I laughed, "but we a talented and competent family. They need us for other things." She nodded. "Did Sara tell you about going back?"

'What do you think? Of course, took her less than 2 minutes when she saw me to spill the beans. I think 's a great idea although I'm not so sure about the dragon." Jake ran up and hugged us saying was dessert and hurry up.

"Any food left?" He shook his head.

"You didn't eat? Daniel. Come on mister, I'm fixing you something as she took my hand and led me into the house and kitchen. Sara smiled. Chloe was pulling stuff out of the fridge, laughing, chatting with me about nothing, happy as a clam. She looked up at me smiled and kissed me. "I'm sure glad you found Sara." So was I. Looking around it dawned on me that this was like it was in Denver, except it was in Iceland. I smiled.
take me part 347
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I was at the house in Finland watching Jaak speak nervously on the phone. He was scared. "Where's your , ? He's not answering my calls." I know that accent, what is ? ('s Dutch but he's in Antwerp. Belgium is the center and this man is in , attention). is this? ATTENTION!

"I no idea, Mr. De Vries. I've been calling all of his numbers but he isn't answering any of them, nor . I sent people the Sweden house because he was yesterday; I spoke with him. He's never gone this long without communicating."

"None of us are happy Jaak, first 's the Gustav fiasco and now this, what's the status on that?"

"We a contact inside the Bureau that put out a false story about the person we think is involved, even though is no proof and no connection has been established. He's my soon-to-be-brother-in-law, but 's not getting traction. We can't find anything on him, and be blunt sir, so you all the information, 's seems highly implausible. He makes caskets and has led a very low key life. How he met Annie is still something we're trying figure out."

Silence. Jaak gulped.

"Doesn't he the ?

"She's part of that family. Her, Alison, and one of the sisters are in a relationship but from what we can tell 's a very close family in the "you fight one, you fight all of them way" and they are formidable. We still don't know how they dismantled the tactical units we sent Denver, and Iceland. The unit that was just sent Denver is the , but that was the FBI.... three are dead and one is in custody. We got him out but attracted attention the Finland connection, again."

's something that's not right and this Daniel, and that woman, are involved. I can taste . We you a lot of so these problems don't happen, but they keep happening."

"Yes sir."

"We want answers Jaak, soon. We are close opening the property outside Stuttgart and can't be any problems. We've lost too much already and the investors are getting antsy. Understand?"

"Yes sir. I'll let you know immediately if I hear anything."

'You better, , because your head will be on the block alongside your 's." Click. Jaak was ashen, which I didn't mind. served him right for being a despicable prick. Mom said keep an open mind so I tried move this De Vries and.....

Well that was easier than I thought would be, and nothing bad happened. He was pouring Cognac and getting ready make a Iso I looked around. was nice, old world...real ... nice. was a walled estate but I got the sense in was in the city. I hoped not because that would make it harder when the time came

"You on a secure line?"

"Always for our calls Johann. You spoke with the ?

"I suppose you can that. I thought the was an idiot. I guess incompetence is hereditary." They both laughed as they stopped to take a sip. Their contempt, and disgust, was palpable.... and disgusting.

"I want us to send our own sniper because I don't trust these two. They lost close to a dozen seasoned, well trained men, although it is Finland." They both drank and laughed again. " Get one of the long range men and put him out as far as possible because they are too great of an investment to lose, but I want this ended. I want that land."


"I want this ended at that ceremony. him take the old woman first and then the others. How's the Black Forest estate coming?"

"Proceeding ahead of schedule and we are bringing in the usual support staff under the usual arrangements. They'll get triple their usual and their choice of plaything." "We'll be ready." I so hope I meet these two.

"Our new shipment will be here in three days, Sunday morning. The truck will met them at the port in Amsterdam and head the estate so the ladies can prep them ahead of the gathering. The other shipment, the cash from the operations around the world, will be here before dawn, next Wednesday so you'll be busy. Were not sending any Jaak until his shows up, and not even then. Anything else."

"Else says hi. Let us know when you'll be in Zurich and we'll find someone for you. 's been too long."

"Agreed. guten Tag."

"Guten Tag."

Shit..... remember all this. I pushed myself back to me and growled. Everyone was looking at me as I stood up. "I need to to write things down. I ran into the house and wrote it all down as everyone came in. Deat sat opposite me and the girls sat and stood around us. You need to your contact at Interpol. Do you trust him?" He nodded. Just , mister, or I'll your ass myself." He nodded as I laid out everything I heard. I needed 'our' guys.

The girls were stunned, and horrified, luckily Jake and Em were doing great being big brother and sister. Sara was particularly disturbed. "New shipment, does that mean what I think does?" Everyone looked at us but we just looked down. How do you share that?" Sara and Melinda both said at the time.... "Daniel." "Deat." We looked up and nodded.

"Deat, you stop that ship."

"Daniel, I need to see you outside, now." I grabbed my phone as Deat grabbed his. She walked outside and headed down the drive, she was almost shaking. "You end these people Daniel, period. I know are others, and they'll never end, but these people are connected us in some twisted way and we need end that connection. They're all a scourge but these people are our scourge and we will handle in the old ways. Understood?" I nodded. "Now hug me so I don't vomit."

All the girls, and Yoshi, walked up to us, somberly. Annie spoke. "We heard, and we agree. When we find them, they won't be found. Since you're the one that can fly, so far, you're in of finding these snipers but please don't fall out of the sky in front of them." Everyone laughed. I knew I would get shit for taking out those trees. "We do this preemptively, if possible, especially the snipers, unless they Uzi's then we can handle the close-in work at the ceremony." Everyone nodded.

"What about Roan and Ingrid?"

"That has out. What they set in motion has out, but not the shooters.

"I can bring in additional people act as guests. Kana, Airi, and myself are effective but 's a big crowd. Taiiko looked at both me and Annie and read our energies.

"We are family, or we are not family. is no such thing as a blended Clan, Annie. is just the the Clan". Annie nodded and hugged her and Yoshi.

"Thank you for reminding me sister. Please, Yoshi, bring in additional people, let me know how many and I'll get rooms and I'll send a plane Osaka when we're finished. "We also need discuss the that bouncing around the world, according Bet 's significant. We can't simply put in root cellars like Ama did. You're the one took the risks Love, and brought home, you start."

"I told Ama that I wanted the gold, she though I was joking, I wasn't. I want to keep all the precious metals for the clans as an emergency store... like a modern day larder.... some cash and bitcoin too. We can discuss the percentages and speak with Bethany about where to put everything. I say we create nonprofits and put the bulk of the cash in them for the various clans to help their people when they need it, like Ama's community centers. It's a wonderful model. It's obviously not as easy as that and finding good people to oversee them will be key, but if we are going to reunite the clans, and move them forward, then we it''s going to take us getting creative but also setting an example.

I also think we should donate to organizations fighting trafficking.... just some thoughts. point being ..... we use the for good things, or we could a 200 foot mega yacht built for us." Everyone but Yoshi me, but they were smiling."

"Well, that opens a can of worms but 's an excellent idea. are just SO many needs. Let's leave that for later but you, me, and Ama are going see this community center tomorrow, mister, I like the concept. Daniel and I haven't discussed this, nor have any of us, but I think we are all in alignment about undoing what Marnine did..... most of it. It's good that we no longer fight each other, mostly, like the rest of the outside world, but she almost destroyed our heritage, and culture, in the process. We intend to bring the old ways back and blend them with the new, it's part of why being with Taiiko and Yoshi for a time is important. They both bowed."

"I feel my power calling me and I am champing at the bit to get on with things but this is about ALL of us, not just me and Daniel, and Taiiko and Daniel. We are our strength... together. will be no hierarchy. We will function like the Viking "Thing." If the prophecy is true then part of our role, if not our entire role, is unite the clans and move them forward. is a lot do, and think about, but we aren't going a lot time between now and the ceremony, especially after recent developments but this is what we are signing up for, now's the last chance." I was going say that I was 'outta here' but didn't. Sara said...

"I hope you brought a lot of notebooks, mister, because you a lot of work do. He's a super genius when comes creating ideas in his should read them. We should get back inside. We guests attend ." Sara walked in with me. "You need practice flying and using the fire, and ice, and whatever else you can think of because the dragon is going be busy. You also need speak with Marnine and that's an order mister." She stopped, looked up at me and smiled like she did when we first met and then kissed me as Melissa walked up. "Life is weird, huh? Go figure. We go work. EMILY! Get out here, Love. We're late." Em came running out, jumped on me as she kissed me.

"See you da." Don't worry, I'm fine. Make us something good for dinner."

"Are you ever going tell me what you three are up ?" They laughed and walked up the hill toward the cave. I called Javier's guys and filled them in and told them this was top priority.... find the ship with the women and on it, and the estate outside Stuttgart first, then find the ship with the , divert , and figure a way take , or Interpol do , because that will rattle them and infuriating them all at once which is a really bad combination, then find De Vries. I walked inside as Deat walked out of the sun room. I grabbed cider and two glasses. The girls apparently owned the property by the fire so we went back into the sun room.

"They are very curious how you access this kind of information. I told him that you get visions, and that I witnessed it. If this pans out they may want to hire you." I laughed and told him that I sorta had my hands full. He nodded as I poured. They already knew about this De Vries guy. They said he's bad as bad gets. They are going to try and get phone records and cross reference them and they are going to start looking in the Black Forest area around Stuttgart for very large estates and start doing record searches. It's the grunt work that solves the case. I hope you are right about this. How does it work, anyway?" We both took swigs.

"What happened today just kinda happens for some reason. I don't know if I guides, or 's my higher self, or Gaia, but sometimes I get these blinding headaches. I usually pass out, and I go somewhere. Today I went the the Finland house and then I made myself go to De Vries, that's kinda new and was easier, and much clearer.

"So you're like a ghost?"

"I think 's more like my consciousness goes, or part of , but I am just starting use . 's like me and the bear, I am the bear, but I am separate from the bear. 's my consciousness that inhabits his being. I'm still not sure where I go when I shift but I obviously go somewhere because I on whatever I was wearing when I shift back. I'm experimenting with metal, knives work but I haven't tried a gun yet, or a cell phone."


"You're staying out of this Interpol thing, right Deat?" He nodded.

"I'm just coordinating with them and the Bureau. I am done with the field. Talking with Mel broke my heart. I won't put her, or the girls, through that again." was a knock on the door and Annie walked in, sat on my lap, and stole my cider.

"We've got incoming from the airport. They should be here in an hour or so. We guys with them and then guys watching them. I pushed and didn't feel anything and nodded. I'm sorry we haven't been better hosts, Deat, but I/we are thrilled that you are here, especially me. When Marnine was in a lot of the smaller clans splintered, or never had a chance merge together and become united so having you, Annie, and the girls here is an honor because we are going to start to undo the damage that Marnine wrought." Melinda was listening at the door with tears in her eyes. She did what Annie with Deat.

"Thank you Annie, that means so much us, and I don't just speak for our family. We all feel abandoned, Annie, like we were left behind and forgotten." Annie got up and took Melinda's hand and walked back to the fire to talk. Deat and I looked each other and shook our heads.

"I'll be right back, grabbed another bottle, and three glasses because Jake was walking inside and sat back down. "'s going get crazy in about an hour." We got up Denver and the girls and how happy they are back in CO and Sara walked in and looked me. "I'll be back."

"This is your last chance to say that you changed your mind Daniel. We all get that option but I am reiterating it to you because you don't consider such things, but you do a choice, sweets." She was misty eyed.

"No I don't goofball, you're my family. Why are you sad?"

"I can't tell you but I'm glad you'll be here because I couldn't do what I need do without you, any of you but especially you, so I'm glad."

"Good, because are folks coming from the airport," that perked her up and back into her Sara-ness. Sara knew , the rest of felt but was no going back.
take me part 346
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I got out of the SUV and walked ward linda, as she walked ward . Everyone seed pissed at . I started speak when she hit with a right a cross, you could hear the girls gasp, and then growl. She packed a wop. She looked at as tears started welling up in her eyes and hugged as tightly as she could as she started crying. I just held her. She was angry, not at but at the people who shot Deat, and she was ared because he could have died. She couldn't hit him, until after he recovered, which she probably would. I'd known l almost as long as I'd known Deat, she trusted . She knew she could hit because she needed hit soone. She pulled back and kissed hello as she wiped her eyes. She didn't apologize;she didn't need do. We started walking away from the house chat and catch up so everyone walked back inside.

"I'll talk with Deat and get him let it go, it wasn't suppose be about field work but I'll get him focus on Denver. How's Sara's house?" She smiled.

"Oh Daniel, the girls love it. We love it. It's such a relief not have worry about that for a while, and Sully, the neighbors dog, is now the girls dog. Whoever built that fence was smart when they put in both a doggie door and a gate. They both get used A LOT. It's a sure fire way becos good friends with your neighbors, and they've introduced us around the neighborhood." I smiled.

"We'll talk about it because there's a likelihood that we won't be back for a while and the house deserves have a family in it. The area is ideal for the girls ages, and I think the public hool is within walking distance."

"I have been looking in that area because of us like the it, and we can't wait for Henry's open again. They are working hard on it, and the whole center. We just wish of you were still there. We know you have other responsibilities now, well soon when Annie takes power from her Ma'." I starred at her, stunned. I had never dread.

"There are more of us than you know Daniel. We stayed low when Marnine reigned, but we are coming out now because there is a sense of relief, hope, almost like a srm has passed and the sun is beginning break through the darkness. There is extre excitent Daniel. I am so happy that we can be there, that the girls can be there. It's a big deal for our people."

"I had no idea, but it makes sense now. As far as the ceremony, I will leave it you but there may be an attempt sp it that might get crunchy, just so you know, and there may be so.... odd occurrences." She asked like what. "Prepare yourself and don't ream."

I shifted in the bear. She read and as I gruffled and put my head down. She reached out and ratched my ears because they always did. I wished I could. Everyone ran outside and Jake and Em yelled COOL and grabbed the girls hands and ran ward us. Emily said.
"It's OK, don't be ared. That's your uncle Daniel. Well, that's Bob but Uncle Daniel is sowhere connected him..... and we can ride him, maybe not day but soon, wait until you ratched his ears. Deat ca out smiling. He knew about the bear but it had been dark.

"We've known that you and l were part of the clans since we t you but Daniel has known you a lot longer and I guess he figured it was ti. Go say hi, he won't bite, well not you." Sara had an efferveence that was soothing and contagious. Jake and Emily ok turns putting the girls on my back so they could laugh and ratch my ears. I guessed my tickle monster days were coming a close. Deat walked up and hugged l.

"You knew?" He nodded. "You're not bringing him in the house like that, he stinks but he's cute." Deat walked up and I head butted him. He whacked on the head and I shook it, as I stepped back and shifted.

"Never saw you up close last ti....amazing, but l's right, you stink."

"I take a lot of showers. She ntioned the ceremony and I wanted her be aware, because of the girls. We think Annie's sister, and others, will try and sp it so it might get interesting." We started walking back the house. "linda, just so you know, you hit like girl." She spped and I counted two and ran with her reaming behind and everyone laughing. I ok a shower and headed the kitchen. the girls were by the fire talking. I grabbed a bottle of Ama's cider and two glasses and said we needed talk. We went in the sun room and closed the door as Jake asked if he could co in. I looked at Deat and he shrugged. Grab a glass.


I poured as Jake ca and sat down and I handed him a third of a glass. "Drink that slowly. It's a little sweet so it's easy drink it o fast, or drink o much, but it packs a punch. If you get drunk of them will bite , and probably Emily o, so be mindful. So how are brother? You look like the sa thing that cat dragged in, so you got that going for you." We laughed.

"I'm good, but they were waiting for us. It's a good thing you got the ssage, or however that works, because if you were there it would have distracted us, you not being there was the best thing. Three of us were wounded but three of them are dead, the fourth was being questioned when guess what happened?"

"You got a c from the State Departnt."

'Yep, just like the others.... diplomatic immunity but we were able find their safe house, and their vehicles and access both before. We ok everything, and made copies, prior being notified so the team is sifting through that, but it's weird." I nodded as I wished I could have given him copies of what I found. Javier's guys can but that takes ti. "My gut still says that the Gustav crap and what's going on with Annie's family are linked. I have no idea why that would be the case but that's what my gut says."

"I agree Deat and I don't know why either unless it's weird coincidence where the father is doing one thing and the is doing another and there's overlap. I have no idea but I think the ceremony is going be interesting." There was knock and Emily walked in, sat on Jake's lap, grabbed the glass and said, "is this boys only" as ok a swig and smiled. She was exactly like the rest of them, especiy Sara probably because of how much ti they spent gether. Jake was in trouble. We laughed.

"Anyway, I ced my guy at Interpol from the hospital and ld him. Can you think of anything they would be looking for?" I shook my head and said no because I had no clue and it didn't make sense since we weren't there, that's when the phone rang. It was Javier's guys.

"Excuse , I'll be right back." I said Hello as I walked out back.

"Hi Daniel, we got the box and have started going through it. This might be the mother lode, we can't tell yet because we just started but it's interesting. We have almost everyone working on it and we're already doing searches on the nas and numbers. We made copies and sent them Interpol and your friend at the FBI. We worked through the night. The copying was easy. They'll get it soon and they won't find out were it's from. These are bad people. We don't know how you keep getting this stuff, but keep getting it. We want bring these pricks down...harshly."

"I agree, and I will. Stay in uch and let know if you need anything.We can replenish if need be, just let know. I need get back, said friend is visiting with his family." I walked back in as Emily finished the last of the cider, and burped, then chuckled as she left. Jake looked at . "Sorry Jake, what you do with your glass is up you." Deat could barely keep from laughing. I ok a fake drink and then handed him the last of my glass.

"Thanks dad."

"I still haven't figured out why anyone connected Gustav would even be interested in us unless it's because Alison is part of the family now and they still think she knows sothing, or has sothing, which she doesn't. Otherwise, if it's related Annie's family, and the related people, they know that we're here so it makes no sense. Jake, ti for you leave buddy." He nodded.


"Personal. I ld linda that I'd talk with you because what happened pushed her the edge. She hit now, but she'll hit you later unless you tell her that you are out of this investigation, at least the field work. Go Denver, enjoy a normal job, enjoy your family, and enjoy the rest of your ti until you retire. Besides, Deat, you're getting o old for this." He laughed and nodded and she he would tell her night when Sara walked in like she owned the place because she probably did, or would.

"We need steal him Deat. Go be with your wife, she misses you." He nodded as they dragged out.

"Grab another cider, but save so...half." We got our jackets and walked down the drive, Sara had one arm, and lissa had the other.

"We need talk about my house and whether we sell it Deat, Annie and the girls, or rent it them long term, or they just the expenses on it. We're a family, within a family, so of us have diuss it. lissa and I agree we should do one of them but what do you think love?

"l and I only talked briefly but they love the house and especiy Sully." Sara said, exactly. From our family's perspective, it makes more sense just let them stay there rent-free, figure out what our fixed costs are, and have them the utilities, which they probably are. From their perspective, it probably makes more sense for them buy it out right because of capital gains but there is a super genius accountant in the family and she's on her way."

"BETHANY!!!!!! Why didn't I think about that. You're so smart mister, but what do you think about letting go of the house."

"Sweets, even though it's a nice house, and I love the craftsmanship, the only reason I love the house is because of you, that's , otherwise it's just a rey nice house. I think any of the options are good. Persony, I'd keep it for Hanna, but I don't think that will be a concern when she is old enough care. Your parents bought it, and it was your ho, so you are the only who can truly decide, love. I say we talk with Bethany. She's going punch because it's going be a working vacation. Sara clapped and kissed and then lissa as they walked off leaving standing there.

"I can't even believe I didn't think about Bethany. She's super amazing and will know exactly what do, you wait and see...." I shook my head and smiled, rembering our first night in that house and how long ago it seed, even though it wasn't. I walked back thinking how lucky I was when I got a blinding headache and fell the ground. Great.
take me 345
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Sara was pissed so I flew home in silence, which wasn't the worst thing because there was going to be plenty of "talking" when I got home. I was glad I still had a few days because we needed to go through the bags, assuming the girls, and Jake, hadn't already. I wanted to look through the papers before I sent them and the drives to Javier's hacker guys to go through before forwarding pertinent things to Interpol. I wasn't upset about Jaak's dad because of what he did to women as well as and boys, he deserved worse than he got. I didn't want to give it to Deat because a friendship only goes so far, even with Deat. I needed to next day air the package to them. We left them an expense account after the last time for just such a situation. They seemed to be similar to Javier, Bet, and their crew. I'm sure we would have liked them and they were hated this shit as much as we did. I also wanted Ama to drop off more money to the community center.

I was getting close to Ama's when I felt strange and started falling, lucky I wasn't that high but I didn't hit the ground and then everything turned black. I woke to find Sara sitting at the opening of the cave staring at me and smiling. "Whatcha' doin'?"

"Where am I? How did I get here? I was coming back after killing Marnine. I was almost at Ama's...."

"What? Killing Marnine?"

"Yeah, you were angry and said something about Ingrid being more powerful, or something like that. I didn't hear all of it because I was trying to do tricks," which was the exact wrong thing to say. She stared at me in disbelief.

"I would have been very angry, mister, even at you but Marnine isn't dead, and you didn't fly off to kill. You came here to get some sleep because dragons smell. She smiled at me and shook her head. Sweets, I was with Marnine for a couple of hours, having tea and chatting, and she is very much alive, besides she's been a dragon for six hundred years and you've only flown a few times. How would manage that, Love?"

"Surprise and my wonky flying." She laughed in my face, which stung a bit, I must say.

"I'm sorry Daniel but your sense of direction, as the dragon, is worse than Wrong Way Corrigan. Now, mister, as to you "trying" to kill Marnine, I thought I said.... "Don't kill Marnine. You need to trust me love, like I trust you...well, except when you're the dragon. We've all decided to call him Bob now come on, shift and fly us home. We have a lot to do, and you need two showers. We've been waiting to look in the bags and it's driving us nuts. You need to talk with Marnine about being a dragon because they are.... different. They reside in multiple worlds. Beating Marnine, that's funny. Come on mister, chop chop, we're burning daylight."

I was losing my mind again as I came out of the cave, shifted, and flew us home. Everyone, including Ama and Joseph, came outside while I went in to take two showers and change. I felt better but I was still confused as I walked into the kitchen hoping there was coffee. Ama smiled and said everyone was impressed because most people don't survive shifting into a dragon. I had no idea what to say but I wished they would all quit saying that to me.

"Do you want to go into town with me after we go through the bags?" The girls, and Jake, couldn't wait on the bags. "I need to send something next day and I wanted to drop off some money to the community center that you help." She smiled and said yes. I poured some more coffee and we went by the fire. "Can I see the papers. please?" They were in awe over the gold coins and cash, thankfully more coins this time. "Ama and I are going into town for errands if you want to come, Jake and Emily both said yes. Lieve and Heather were otherwise occupied, I assumed since they weren't there... and I had four of these coming in 8 months, or so, I was so in trouble.

It looked like some sort of code because they couldn't be this stupid. It was names and numbers, lots of them. There was a ledger book, I assumed for the house I burned down. I didn't really know what I was looking until I got to the last notebook. I understood instantly what that was and started crying as I walked outside. They all got up to come after me when Ama told them to leave me be. I wanted to shift into the bear and run but I didn't want to take another shower so I walked down the drive. Sara looked at the notebook and started crying too as her sisters hugged her. It was filled with first names of girls and boys, ages, graphic descriptions. There were hundreds. I wished I could kill him again.

I walked back in and Jake and Emily hugged me. They had no idea why but they knew I needed it. "Ama, please take some of the cash for your community center. Do you have some place safe that we can keep the rest until we see if Javier's crew can find out who is in those notebooks? She nodded. The girls hugged me but no words were spoken there were no words, only heartache. I grabbed my backpack and loaded the papers, ledgers, notebooks and drives into it, grabbed phone and notebook, kissed the girls and we headed into Reykjavik. The house was filling up, which was good, but it was also an easy target. I doubted anyone would show but it was going to be a long time night but I needed the practice and it was a new moon. Ama smiled as if she had read my mind.

We went to the community center first because it was the farthest away. Ama introduced Jake and Emily to the staff and went into the director's office, alone. I had no idea how much there was but it was a lot. I didn't ask how much she took because she knew their needs far better than I did. They came out and the director hugged Ama and waved at us as we walked to the SUV. "Seems an anonymous donor made a very generous , more than enough to cover heating bills for everyone this winter?" I said imagine that and we all laughed.

"Who wants to stop at a cafe for something sweet and something hot, all of raised our hands. The mood shifted and we enjoyed each other. I was thankful but would do everything I could to end this. There wasn't much more I could then other than be with my family. Ama, Jake, and Em each got something sweet, and something hot. I just got something hot but watched them, smiling. The coffee in Iceland is wonderful and it should be because they drink it like it's water. We finished and headed home and I, of course, had my head on a swivel. I was pushing everywhere...nothing.

"Daniel, there is no threat and thank you for the money. I am impressed by the selflessness of all of you. I was quiet for a few seconds.

"You shouldn't speak to quickly Ama because I'm keeping the gold." She looked at me and we both started laughing even though I was serious. I was keeping it for the family, all the family's, in case of need. I hoped the guys could find those even though I knew in my gut they couldn't, but I was going to do whatever we could do something good out of something heinous and if other people burned then all the better. Jake and Em were holding hands and talking about the future, which I totally tuned out, as Ama and I drove in silence. I pulled down the driveway and there was black suburban and I almost shifted, which would have been unfortunate. Ama put her hand on my shoulder.

"It's part of your family, Daniel. I didn't tell you because we needed to do what we did. Everything is secure. We pulled up as Melinda walked out the door glaring at me, followed by Deat who was smiling, so much for a quiet evening by the fire with a nice Bordeaux. I was getting hit.
take me part 344
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I woke looking into Annie's eyes, and our my unborn 's eye's... and then I flew away to end Marnine. I would get hit, bit, punched... and I deserved it... but it had to happen. I knew they wouldn't stop trying to kill us until we killed them, and Marnine was in . I hated it but I would protect my family at all costs. Being shifted made my moral compass somewhat...skewed, but it was pretty skewed begin with I suppose. I did have a code, but I could do bad things when they needed be done. I always figured they would come back haunt me, so far they hadn't. I suspected part of that was why we were suppose go with Yoshi and Taiiiko and I was train there. Marnine knew I was coming, as did Gaia even though she didn't intervene. It never dawned on me that Marnine wasn't suppose be outside of wherever she was.



I'm impressed that you think you can beat me, love. I'm not sure why but you seem intent on trying. I told Gaia I would be as gentle as I could. She seemed OK with that but are you sure you want to go down this road, few have survived. I've already told you can't kill me and that I mean you no harm, but do what you must love.


I am impressed you can't believe that I can. I've done so a couple of times if I recall.

Yet here I am.


It doesn't matter if you mean me no harm, you mean my family harm and I won't allow that.


Ahhhh, them, again, about that, love, being with Gaia has made... rethink who I was, so to speak. I think you call it having an epiphany, something of the sort. You're right that I despised each of them what they represent do, but also our world but then you sent me Gaia and she forced me reflect. I wouldn't say it's become all sunshine and roses but I no longer hate them. I am no threat anyone of you, at least personally, but I did create Ingrid in my image. She is the threat, love, as are Roan and Jaak, although he will be otherwise occupied quite awhile. There are a lot of powerful people who are angry, and scared...more scared. You were wise in the way you handled it I hear his father's house in Sweden burned the foundation, nothing but ash, and a few bones. Dragon fyre is quite hot, and keeps intensifying until there is nothing left. You were naughty in not using the strength on his dad, can't say that I mind because he was a vile creature. It took him a bit to die but the men on the stairs felt no pain so you needn't be so hard on yourself. It seems that you and I may be similar after all.

We aren't similar at ALL, I roared as I flew straight toward her. She had experience but I had my wonky flying ability. I waited, waited, and at the last second flipped over and spun around and let my momentum carry me under her, between her speed, and my momentum, all four of my claws ripped her belly open. I grabbed her throat as she writhed and screeched and we fell, rolling, to the ground. She landed on top of me, which was fitting, I suppose. I bite her heart out and she evaporated.

I screeched as Sara yelled, DANIEL what have you done? I flew home. I wasn't sad, but I was regretful. It was strange being the dragon, the bear I understood because I was similar, it was my nature, but the dragon was odd. I was thankful it, though, because it kept my family safe.

No, Daniel, it made Ingrid far more more powerful. You have no idea what you just set free.
Thanks for the kind thoughts
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Starting to work my through them. I revised 343 but need to do the usual Fuck Hub edit. I should get to the others others tomorrow.
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She laughed... you OK, love.?


I'll take that as no in bear speak, but you didn't die, so that was a plus. Most people die when they turn into a dragon. I figured since you'd done it once then you had at least 50-50 odds, but you flew, Love.

Until I fell, bounced and killed three trees, but yeah, great plan. I do like the open mind thing, at least now.



Still the wrong way.... no. NO. Left...the other left. OK. Go that way. Jesus, you are like a and our future depends on you.

I wanted try an fly again but I figured I needed more time orient the sun, or stars... or whatever. I knew the bear. He was slightly miffed but he caught the scent, and we could see the lights. How do people have this much .... STOP! I walked around. It's
unbelievable the amount of that are ALWAYS around us, and we never know about them. They didn't, and I was that animal, and I was strong, and pissed. They didn't last long, and I didn't care.. The shooters on the roof were a problem. There were always audio issues, I knew. I had time, once I was a time inside find then,
probably first floor. I needed take out the shooters. Hard a bear, not a dragon. Shit.

There was a clearing a few miles back.

Daniel? Daniel?

What love?

What are you doing?

Nothing, why?

DANAEL!!!!!????? I'm going learn be the Dragon, again.


There are people on the roof. If I could be a large enough owl... I'd take that. Dragon is my option. Stop talking, sweets, and I flew into a tree.


"I HATE wings. I flew and fell four times, but I knew where I was, and I was quiet, until I didn't want to be. I figured no one one would want me angry. I took them both, one in each claw and flew a way to practice. They were dead before they hit the ground. Everyone outside was dead. I landed, skidded, and almost fell off the roof.


I'm fine, scruffed is all. Incommunicado love . I loved these women, but they were becoming the bane of my existence. I shifted and was glad I had the knife belt still on, luckily. I still had advanced senses, and heard someone inside the landing. I knocked. He opened. He died. You don't expect anyone to land on your roof.

There was no one else. I was actually impressed they had someone at the top of the stairs. I got his tac-gear, which gave me night vision, and silenced 9mm with extra clips, but they didn't know I was in the house. I also didn't know the lay out. Deat would shoot me in the foot for doing this, and he should. I was guessing there a was basement, which sucked... except I looked around. A basement has one tactical advantage... you need to go downstairs. What's the inverse. Jake, and why are you awake, mister.

I'm worried about, Da', and we are all awake. You do the inverse and keep them downstairs, Da'. Tactical disadvantage...for a while. I pushed, most were a sleep, one was only marginally watching the monitors outside. I didn't sense any inside but put the balaclava on anyway. The other was drinking coffee. Since I had shifted back, I didn't want to kill anyone I didn't have too. Good. I found some cardboard, made door stops and quietly pushed them under and then wedged a kitchen door against the knob. It had rubber stops on the legs and it works in the movies, and I could be the Bear if needed. I could hear him, yelling on the phone as I pushed, there was no one else.

'He's not here dad. He was supposed to be here." He hung up as is reptilian brain clicked on, and he turned and reached for the drawer. I shot him in that shoulder, and then in his opposite foot, out of disgust, and spite. I was not looking forward to what I would

I figured Jaak hated his dad so much that he figured he just hung up on him because he was mad

Are you in?

Do you know how annoying this is?"

Are you ?

Yes, but I have a bleeding man. Leave him, sweets. He's vile. There is a closet in front of you, assuming you are looking in the right direction. That is the safe that has most of the files Deat will need. HE also as files in in his desk somewhere

How do you know this, shit.


You the numbers for the first,but he might gotten crafty.. No, but 's going to get harder, now. Good, make him suffer, Daniel.

"Tell me about the desk, and the other safe.

Fuck you. I broke his knee as I pushed a rag into his mouth. I dealt with the desk, and started to deconstruct. It didn't take me long. Always the same problem.... harder to construct, to deconstruct.

"Where is the other safe?"


I shot his other foot. I can do this all night. I Tied his hands, through his chair and check the ground, and the barricaded the door. You think your men are coming for you, or your ? They aren't and all your wants is and power, like you, neither of which he will have.




I am beyond calm, love. These fuckers want hurt my family. I am, Hell and gone, from calm..



Annie got on the mind comm's. "End this now, love, but come back us."

You have two choices. I kill you, I don't. Tell me where the other safe is, you might live. Don't... I'll find it, and you die." He looked at the corner of the wall.....
and said shit. I pushed the corner, and it opened.


Sara? Right left, love 49 38 22, 46. 5. I had hurt Marnine get those. Don't trust her.

I opened the safe and looked around bags, that I could grab. Guys always have bags. Shit!.

I loaded it all... cash, gold, papers, thumb drives, discs. I took everything, from everywhere I knew then noticed a latch inside the safe and finagled it until it open. I turned and looked at him. He stared at me in horror as I opened it. It was of DVD's, more gold coins, and papers. I left the discs, there were too many and this was one place. I turned and growled. He was shaking as I glared at him. I took the bags to the kitchen because I had a change of thought. I opened the door to the basement, and told them the to throw their weapons out, or die, and then shifted. They shot threw the door as I roared, stepped in front, and spewed fire down the stairs. I didn't want them to die but I wanted this place to burn, as a message. I also wanted to make sure there was no recording equipment. I shifted so I could walk up the stairs. He had peed himself I turned into the dragon, as he screamed, and destroy the DVD's and then set the room on fire. I turned back to me picked up the gun and shot him in the balls before shifted back and set him on fire, I needed the practice because the dragon was different. I walked into the kitchen and that floor on fire.

I knew what was on those discs. I took the bags up to the roof, shifted and set the stairway on fire before I grabbed the bags and flew away after setting the roof ablaze. I flew into the sky, and reigned holy hell upon them. I was angry. I set it ALL a blaze, and flew away,
Unencumbered. I did not care because of what he, and his people, did. I hoped he died slow enough while he burned. I was many things. in many lives, and none of us would take to this shit.

Turn around Love, fly away from the dawn. You'll find your way home, and we'll be waiting for you. I landed just before dawn and everyone came out to scratch me. I snorted. I knew these people. They were my family, and I would protect them. Jake and Emily jumped on me, grabbed my scales, and I flew. They yelled. Ama shook her head as her and
Joseph went inside to make breakfast.

It took us hours of flying, and not flying, and the flying...again. Jake and Em were first, middle, and last but they had to to fight Lieve and Heather...and everyone else Da... you're a real dragon.

I shook, as Sara stood in front of me.

She smiled. Danael, why would I doubt you. Deat is fine but Melinda is pissed. We're working things out to mitigate the fiasco. You did well, love, but it's not over...because Roan, and Ingrid aren't over.

END THIS LOVE!!! I ate, laughed, chopped wood, smiled.... and growled. I needed to see what was Marnine up too but fell and asleep and had unsettling dreams.
take me part 342.
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Can't we just land? You could sgo low and I could roll...onto the ground. The bear rolls well, and I would wings deal with,

NO. Sara was clear. Shift into the dragon, end this, come home.

I don't even know where I am going, Tina... and you're help cousin.

Sara's right, Daniel. If they come at the wedding it would be bad, and I would like to fly on the back of dragon.

!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked into the loo and slammed the door and things.

He's fine. He hates bugs.

"We're getting close Tina and all stays in this plane.


"You sure he's the one. Tina smiled,, nodded, and say ! as I came out of the bathroom.

How do I know were go, and were can hold things?

Tina and Steph looked at each other, perplexed...because this was obviously not well planed.


Fucking Christ. I got coffee and knocked on the cockpit door.

How long, sir?

Two hours. I'll get you as slow as I can, but I can't go low. We'll "fix' our transponder for a bit. It's be easier going into Finland. They both shook my hand. Don't die, Danael. We've waited a long time this prophecy. I nodded and sat down.

Your Ma.


"Your Ma told you to open your mind. We'll get you oriented correctly. It shouldn't be that hard. How many large estates are in the middle of nowhere.

Why not Finland?


"Why not Finland? I heard Jaak said I was going to Finland. The safes are in Finland.

Breathe, Daniel. The safes were....???

At his Da's house.

Which is?

In Sweden. Deat made Finland the focus before he almost died because Sara called him.

I was SO getting shit for this, if I lived. Open your mind Daniel, so we can help you.

Do we know know how many?

"You'll be dragon, or a bear if you can't figure out the wings. Will it matter?

I was still trying figure out how to get whatever was in those safes, away. I'd be amazed if this worked..

You ready for this, sir? I shook my head and he laughed. Good. They take you into the cargo hold, open the door and you climb out, hang and the let go, and try not to get killed by the tail.... that last bit was a joke. I stared at them in disbelief, but did it. I was insane.

I fell. Shit. I kept falling FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe Daniel.

The ground is approaching...quickly.

I roared and flew.

Other way, love.

Being a dragon is way better than being a bear, but tell the bear. I like both. I can blow both fire, and Ice. Go figure. Shit...Fuck. GODDAMMIT IT. I ripped through three trees. Luckily they were .



What happened, Love.

Wings. I shifted into the bear. I at least knew how he worked, and apologized.

Wrong way, love.

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Take me 341
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The phone as we were on the way to the airport. "Da?" I broke down as i handed the phone to Steph. She nodded.

" Jake.... , Stephanie, your cousin from Nova Scotia. Didn't know you had a cousin in Canada, did ya'? Is Emily there? He said yeah, and handed her the phone. It bought minute because women were wily.




OMG.... your aunt from Canada...not by blood, but who cares about that nonsense. Have you ever been to Canada.... NO. you are coming to my home. You''ll love it.... Wait"

", Tina. I am also your cousin, or Aunt. I am not sure how old you are. Daniel is sleeping. Is there a problem. Jake took the phone. ", I am Jake, and you have my Da'."


"'Jake, your da' is asleep.... I understand that, but..... Jake, he needs to sleep. Jake, he really needs to sl... Fine."

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's your ."


"Da'. hold on."

"Da" I Started to cry again, but sniffled. 'You OK, Da/"

'"I am fine,"

'They wouldn't let us a talk to you until Jake got testy."

"Are you on speaker?"

"We are Da."

I have things I have to do, and you need to know about them, loves. You keep are family safe.... and help Ama...OK? I'll be fine, sweets. Enjoy your new family. I will you, both, when I am done with my job. Promise, loves." They both stared in disbelief.

'"What was I suppose to say"? They both . "Wake up, moron!!!!!

"We've got three hours until you figure things." They were unhappy.

"Daniel, it's Annie." I stared Tina, but she didn't blink.

", love."






"Yes, love."

"You do know we are ALL pregnant with you ,,,right?"




"So you know that we have a more to lose, than you. Right."


"What is the next answer to my question?"

"I'll be fine, love"



Shit. They had no idea what I was going to deal with. None of them did, either, but they all smiled. I looked up because I still had time, Jefe. Shit. I left... again..

"Stop speaking. What?"

He's going to Finland... we'll meet him there.

"He's smart. Don't fuck it up."



'Wheel's down in two hours."

"Ok." Shit... Fuck...and...Shi.t I went up front, and had my breakfast, before i dropped to my death." They looked at me.

"You OK?" I walked past her, and got coffee....NO!. Sara called me.


Dont't trust Marnine."

"I know that, love.... WHAT ELESE????" Trust Marnine.. Trust me, love."
Take me 340
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"Sit down, daniel, and listen to me. I don't have long. I don't work here." She grabbed my face and kissed me, like she use to. Trust your women, , except Marnine."


You bought time, but you have time. USE IT!!!!!! They are looking for you. They won't come close Ama's. USE IT. Open your mind, and do it quickly. I am not use to this place.

"Linked,,,, have a happy flight, Danny. Wake up?" I put my boots back on as Tina came in and sat on my lap, and kissed me liked she loved me.

"Don't die. We need you."




"You know how hard it will be to get you into Sweden?"|

"What? Jaak's father is in Finland." Disgust.

"NO, YOU IDIOT!!!! You're maps, and timelines, are skewed. It's why you have us. Willing to trust us to keep our family safe?"

"OK... was that my mom?"

"Jesus Christ....." They both hit me until I woke up. I snorted. "There is a field we could land, but it would be bad. You can shift, or you can jump. We've all been discussing it, because we need you. You should shift into the dragaon."

"I did that once, and Sara was involved, and pushing me into space....."

"We figure it'll be fine.. You don't turn into the dragoan, you die Da." Shit Sara took the phone.

"Jump out of the fucking plane, shift into the dragon you were, and end this, Daniel. You will have the numbers you need. There are two safes, multiple men. We can't end it like you thought. It's not great, but they don't know where you are, and they won't expect.... you.



"Pretty much. You done love?" I nodded. "God, because we need to go. Everyone is safe. Deat is out of ICU, pissed, but OK. We have people there and he will moved in twelve hours. Finish this shit, Daniel. This is between you and Marnine."

I was losing my mind. Why was Sara talking with her.

Take me part 339... trying again
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"I can't remember getting to wherever I was because I kept hitting things. They were all looking for me and something was happening after meeting Gaia. I was more sensitive, or less sensitive. I think I heard, felt, knew more than understood, but couldn't process it, so I fell and hit hard things. The bed was comfortable. I could hear chatter.


"Hold on Love, we're on the phone still trying to keep your ball from getting ripped off." I fell back asleep. I was back with Deat in a different time, or was it. It was a different language, but it was me, and Deat.

"Go, brother. You can't stop all of them and we have womyn to take care of. Go, now." I turned, growled, and turned into something I didn't know. Bear, not bear, but effective. I dragged Deat to safety. Dealing with time, SUCKED!!!!!

They were pushing me....both of them, and laughing. "Stop!!!! I fought Selkies and almost fell into the North Sea. I need to sleep. Leave me be."

"The Captain said you tried to jump." That did it, as I turned and looked at them.


"He said you tried to jump in the water because of Selkies."


"I was there when Tina him. I heard it all. Selkies, really?"

"Leave alone. I need sleep." They both jumped on and grabbed things they shouldn't until I stopped laughing. "OK.... Jesus, leave alone... and you. Did you get your feel, cuz?" She smiled and nodded. I was either going insane, or had stumbled into the most amazing family...ever. I just needed to keep it that way.

"Get dressed mister. You need to eat and we need to talk. You aren't going to like what comes next, neither are we...any of us." Shit. I had porridge and toast. It was a small flat, but nice, The sky was grey, but it was Ireland. It was quiet.

"Where are we?" Tina and Stephanie smiled. We are in my flat in Dublin. I actually own the building," Steph smiled, and nodded. I had no expenses since I was in college. I had to do something with it. Silver got too heavy." I snorted and put really good jam on my toast, as I smiled.

"My neighbor, Rose makes it. It's just the two of us, until her family shows up and then it is a fiasco, but that is months away.." I walked to the window and looked down.

"You own the whole building, or the flat?"

"Building, goofball. Why own a flat when I could have bought all of this."

"And it just you, and Rose... in the entire place?"

"Not when fiasco time happens." I stared at her, confused. "Think day of the dead had sex with All Hallow's Eve, and they had a triplets in New Orleans... except it's more fun. It's why I needed so many rooms.. You come from the Northland, of Bjorn. I come from the south, and east. Gypsies, love. We are many, and you are family, but you're still not going to like what needs to happen. Eat."

"Can I meet Rose and thank her for the jam?"

"She's not here...rarely is. It's why we get along so well." She laughed as only Tina can, with my cousin hugging her. I shook my head and put on my boots.

'"What aren't I going to like?"

"You original plan wasn't...totally dumb... but you would have died. However, as the bear, or dragon.... it's likely you will survive, and we don't need to land."

"And how is this any less likely to end up with me dead...when I would have had a parachute
last time?


"Wings...and also a bear, which is strong."

"When do we leave?"

"eight hours, swee...."

I walked back into the bedroom, took off my boots, and went back to bed. These women were way crazier than my family was... and that is when my mom walked up.


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