rm_ma1007 43 男
5  記事
Is there any magic???   2005/10/19

EMS machine was quite popular in Japan but I have never actually met people who become in good shape. I saw same good shape person on two different TV shoping show.... Are there anybody who get great AB from it?

0 コメント, 59 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,2.23 スコア
MsJaneBondage 50 女
7  記事
Finding Motivation While in Quarantine   2020/4/16

I've found myself not wanting to jup out of bed and get my workout on. I keep reseting the time of the day to get my yoga in maybe 2-3 times a week, and I have not done any home workouts at all. <br><br> It's easy to do yes, but i just keep putting it off and putting the weight on. Gained 10 lbs in the past 3 months. Yuck! <br><br> I was so on point before but now, ...

7 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 3 投票 ,4.41 スコア
Iluvsitwet01 35 男
3  記事
Whats most important?   2020/3/30

What do women tend to notice first on a guy? <br><br> Flat stomach? <br><br> Bigger biceps? <br><br> Broad nice shoulders?

4 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 1 投票 ,3.70 スコア
tightsmoothfuck 31 男
7  記事
Power Smoothie   2020/1/29

Hey! Wanted to post a simple 1-2-3 recipe to build a power smoothie. <br><br> 1. GREENS (add either Kale, Spinach, Swiss chard, Collards) 2. LIQUID (Add either Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Soy) 3. FRUIT (add either Banana, Mango, berries, apple, avocado, pear, peach, pineapple) <br><br> + BOOSTERS! - add either or Protein powder, matcha, chia seeds, almond ...

2 コメント, 14 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,5.36 スコア
Illbcnu6969 33 男
9  記事
BCAA   2020/1/28

Does taking BCAAs before/ during a workout help with recovery between sets?

3 コメント, 17 閲覧された回数, 2 投票 ,5.20 スコア
The_Athlete13 37 男
1  記事
New year new you...maybe?   2020/1/23

Before you do anything regarding fitness/health you need to make a plan. If you dont plan for success you are planning on failure. <br><br> 1. Set goals and objects to help along your health/fitness journey. a) Make these goals short term (day to day, to 3 months), Medium term (3 months to half a ), Long term (1 yr to multiple yrs) <br><br> 2. Within these goals be as ...

1 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,3.08 スコア
Goldenman56x 63 男
7  記事
Not losing   2020/1/22

Been working out twice a week mainly weights but not losing weight. Becoming a strong heavy set guy

5 コメント, 31 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,3.25 スコア
usduke2002 39 男
2  記事
Hotel Workout 2   2020/1/21

Warm up: <br><br> Treadmill - 2:30 walk/2:30 jog <br><br> Stretching/mobility: Hip flexor stretch Cat/cow Shoulder taps Reverse lunges Cross walking <br><br> Strength 3 Rounds: Dumbbell RDL x 20 Push-up x 20 Front rack squats x 20 Bent over row 20 Lunges x 20 Push press x 20 Cossack Squats x 20 Hammer curl x 20 French press x 20 <br><br> 15 min ...

0 コメント, 12 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,2.79 スコア
usduke2002 39 男
2  記事
Today’s hotel workout   2020/1/21

Warm up: 2:30 walk, 2:30 light jog <br><br> Dynamic stretching <br><br> Then: 4 Rounds: 400m run 12 pull-ups Then: 3 Rounds: 20 sec max sprint 3x dumbbell snatch, per side <br><br> Cool down walk <br><br> Cool down stretching

2 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,2.79 スコア
Jan Fitness   2020/1/19

Is jan the month to get buff again? x

1 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,2.14 スコア
desire50shades 50 男
15  記事
Fitness and sex......   2020/1/16

Does anyone enjoy a hard workout, Steamy shower followed up by some heart pounding ? <br><br> I have the energy.......can someone match energy?

2 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 11 投票 ,2.05 スコア
trithis66 44 男
7  記事
beer belly   2020/1/14

should I lose it? how much of a difference does it make does it really increase length?

3 コメント, 38 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,1.29 スコア
Newtothearea1523 34 男
12  記事
Everyday.   2020/1/11

Who here works out every day?

4 コメント, 42 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,1.28 スコア
tallcool2013 45 男
21  記事
jerking?   2020/1/9

is jerking off good exercise?

5 コメント, 39 閲覧された回数, 22 投票 ,3.25 スコア
910tatted 34 男
1  記事
Getting Inshape   2020/1/8

Getting in shape is hard for some. It takes a lot of discipline, dedication, and drive. I'm currently on my journey to getting in better shape and looking at my lifestyle to do so. There's alot of fads going around with diets and exercise, some may work and some may not. I would tell you to just keep trying and working your butt off and stick to what you feel is more comfortable.

1 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,2.47 スコア
Doctormattia4 34 男
2  記事
I work so much and I would like to relax   2020/1/8

I’m always aroun the world and I would like to relax sometimes... but this site don’t permit me because I always search point to speak with person... is it correct?

2 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.66 スコア
Women prefer fit or Dad Bod?   2020/1/6

Ok ladies which do you prefer?

0 コメント, 23 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,3.13 スコア
Illbcnu6969 33 男
9  記事
Keggle excercises   2020/1/5

Do they actually work?

0 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,1.80 スコア
Hawkfan533333 30 男
6  記事
Tell me   2020/1/4

Does long cardio really hurt you in the long run. Shld I only do hit, or a mixture. I'm finding a hour of low intensity cardio is taking weight off, and not affecting my gains.

2 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.66 スコア
Hawkfan533333 30 男
6  記事
Heavy or reps   2020/1/4

Weight lifters! R u into heavy or reps or a combination. I'm struggling to decide which one I feel is better for long term goal, of getting lean and putting on muscle.

2 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,3.46 スコア
D0ct0rSF 43 男
8  記事
Fitness Hacks For 2020   2020/1/3

Learn to Lift Get a coach. Kettlebells, barbells, powerlifting, weightlifting, yoga, running, anything that you can think of requires some expert guidance and technique building. You may be lucky to be one of a small , a one-percenter, who can learn any physical movement on your own. That's great. Most everyone needs . <br><br> Don't Lead, Don't Follow Straight off the ...

2 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,3.78 スコア
2CravenMoorehead 44 男
7  記事
Just wondering   2020/1/1

Are women generally more interested in an extremely FIT guy, or a guy with a huge cock? <br><br> Personally, I love big tits, but smaller tits are fine on a fit woman. I wonder if women are kind of in the boat as far as dick size, or if it’s mostly about a hung guy and cares if he’s muscular.

1 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,3.68 スコア
Goodloveingman69 32 男
5  記事
Daily   2020/1/1

Let get moving, have fun an sex is a good work out. Daily sex is good for the soul.

3 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,2.02 スコア
TattedH0tR0d8069 39 男
6  記事
Fat cock here. No homoss please   2019/12/28

Nckvkfkcjcnfdjednckciv8 Vkvovkfjf

0 コメント, 4 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,3.63 スコア
td4funzyung25 27 男
5  記事
Fitness   2019/12/27

Bes go fuck yourself eyyyyyy

0 コメント, 10 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,3.64 スコア
32DDDDDDJ 51 女
5  記事
Fitness & Libido   2019/12/24

When I workout regularly, my libido goes up. There are many scientific articles available that show that your testosterone increases which is responsible for your libido. Exercising on fasting mode increases testosterone 3000%

9 コメント, 71 閲覧された回数, 26 投票 ,5.83 スコア
Testing   2019/12/24

Testing the post function

0 コメント, 4 閲覧された回数, 3 投票 ,1.96 スコア
brandonv562 32 男
1  記事
women   2019/12/22

what part of a mans body turns you on most besides his cock?

4 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,4.65 スコア
Akuforfun 27 男
5  記事
eee   2019/12/9

hey there writing this article as being fit is a very important aspect of life the more the fit u are the better the sex

1 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,3.13 スコア
workout routines   2019/12/7

what do folks think are the best workout routines for sex.

1 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,1.95 スコア
CJDOU 55 男
9  記事
Do Fit people enjoy better better sex?   2019/12/6

Exercise Makes You Feel Sexy A big part of sex is feeling sexy. People exercise have an improved body image over people do not exercise. Being more comfortable with your body leads better and more relaxed . A study showed that more physically fit men and women rated their own sexual desirability higher than less active men and women the age. Eighty percent of men and 60% of females exercised ...

2 コメント, 31 閲覧された回数, 22 投票 ,3.37 スコア
jasonR466 32 男
2  記事
Exercise good for your brain   2019/12/4

It’s linked to less depression, better memory and quicker learning. Studies also suggest that exercise is, as of now, the best way to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, a major fear for many Americans. <br><br> Scientists don’t know exactly why exercise changes the structure and function of the brain, but it’s an area of active research. So far, they’ve found ...

5 コメント, 33 閲覧された回数, 24 投票 ,3.36 スコア
Putting the right things into your body.   2019/12/3

Comon now. We all know that eating healthy is hard. The fact of the matter is its all about that calorie count ya hear? If you putting too much energy into your body, it is going to store it. 2K Calorie!

0 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,2.03 スコア
Every day off is 2 days lost   2019/12/3

Do not skip that day. Comon now, if you are in the zone heading to the gym on a schedule, KEEP THAT SCHEDULE GET THOSE GAINS ESKETIT.

1 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,2.80 スコア
MonsterCacti 35 男
1  記事
Workout   2019/11/27

I workout 6 days a week and have a nice clean disease free hung cock. No one seems to meet on here? Anyone need a cardio workout. Plus I did article cause I need points LOL

6 コメント, 57 閲覧された回数, 27 投票 ,2.50 スコア
gym   2019/11/27

anybody in the winnipeg area looking for a workout partner

3 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,0.99 スコア
Let's get low   2019/11/27

What experience do you have of getting low bodyfat? Say sub 10 % how did you do it? <br><br> Do you cut out thing like dairy? I have to do lots of cardio to get my BF low but struggle to get my abs to really pop. Any tips?

4 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,2.64 スコア
funwpbfun 45 男
3  記事
Stamina   2019/11/24

Does anyone eat certain food for more stamina

2 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,1.21 スコア
cowboy408j 30 男
6  記事
Abs   2019/11/21

Hard abs or just a bit of padding

3 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,1.62 スコア
qym   2019/11/21

looking for a workout partner

0 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,1.06 スコア
Lookingforadadd1 21 男
1  記事
Gym   2019/11/18

Who has some good tips for working out for me?

7 コメント, 40 閲覧された回数, 22 投票 ,2.65 スコア
matureutahmale2 54 男
2  記事
Improved fitness level helping with sexual performance   2019/11/14

After hip resurfacing surgery and microfracture knee surgery, I put on a few extra pounds. Then one November my youngest told me I could play Santa Claus without putty any pillows around my stomach. It was quite the wake up call. So after that Christmas, I joined a new gym and got my ass back in shape. After giving up soda and working about three to four times a week, I lost about forty ...

0 コメント, 40 閲覧された回数, 30 投票 ,2.85 スコア
matureutahmale2 54 男
2  記事
Les Mile's body pump class   2019/11/13

Anyone done Les Mile's body pump class? If so how many times a week did you do it see results?

0 コメント, 17 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,2.47 スコア
any good tips   2019/11/6

looking to get better at yoga , any one know any good spots to go

2 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,0.67 スコア
Whats everyone's thoughts on HRV?   2019/11/3

I am interested in heart variability from the point of view of knowing when my body is recovered enough to train hard or if it needs rest. Has anyone heard of or used a whoop strap?

3 コメント, 28 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,1.80 スコア
BBW?   2019/11/3

I am curious when a BBW becomes a BBW. Is 200 lbs. and over make a woman a BBW?

2 コメント, 31 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,1.26 スコア
Needsalittlemmm 39 男
1  記事
CrossFit must be stopped   2019/10/31

Crossfit, why is it that any person takes up cross fit feels the need to tell you at great length about CrossFit, could it be that they have become the Vegans of the gym world. Let’s not forget it’s just glorified circuit training but with a complete lack of form and an abundance of avoidable injuries. For the love of all that’s good let’s end this cross fit idiocy.

2 コメント, 30 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,2.25 スコア
Fit or not   2019/10/29

Do you like to fool around with someone who is fit and slim, or does it not matter?

9 コメント, 52 閲覧された回数, 26 投票 ,4.97 スコア
Triathlon Prep   2019/10/29

Would love to hear advice folks have on preparing for a triathlon. Friend of mine is training for one, asked me to join. With so many fit people on here, I'm confident about the prospect of crowdsourcing tips and advice. <br><br> Thanks in advance for any and all comments!

1 コメント, 6 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,2.86 スコア
rott4milfs 22 男
12  記事
working out   2019/10/27

having alot of sex is like working and keep you fit and make your day

0 コメント, 7 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,0.23 スコア
Fitness   2019/10/25

Why do we do it?

3 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,1.19 スコア
It's a good thing   2019/10/20


1 コメント, 15 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,2.27 スコア
youngcub940 26 男
6  記事
how much protein   2019/10/14

how much protein should a guy consume after a weightlifting session to gain new muscle? is there such a thing as too much or a point where you arent processing it all?

5 コメント, 43 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,2.86 スコア
Fit by fishing   2019/10/14

If you fish everyday you’ll be in shape!

1 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,2.80 スコア
falcor2975atGM 41 男
2  記事
women working out in thongs   2019/10/13

last night I got an the treadmill to run for 20 minutes and shortly after I got on this beauty got on the elliptical in front of me in these tight spandex pants and clearly she what wearing thongs. I enjoyed the hole 45 minutes of running watching that nice ass. the hole time I was wondering how uncomfortable that must be with the tiny piece of cloth up her ass

1 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 11 投票 ,2.42 スコア
When you work out   2019/10/12

Do you ever have a f

0 コメント, 13 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,1.19 スコア
fuckhersideways3 21 男
1  記事
when i was in middle school   2019/10/10

when i was in middle i like a big ball of fat ever since then ive been commited lose weight the that summer i got taller and dedicated myself tp boxing and lost all of that wait now im here

1 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 11 投票 ,1.67 スコア
Jbob17011 31 男
6  記事
Working Out   2019/10/9

How many times does everyone workout a week, a month, never lol

1 コメント, 12 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,1.50 スコア
Tsarah1989 31 T
2  記事
Current fitness routine   2019/10/7


5 コメント, 40 閲覧された回数, 27 投票 ,3.87 スコア
22_Chris 20 男
1  記事
b sfuobvdhbvsdbvsdjk   2019/10/6

sbvdhjjjjhfashfkjhajkhajkfhsjkfhjkahsfduaihfasajkdvbabvcxnbaksdjhfhweuifhsdjkvbsdbvjkdsfhasjkhqweuihasdjkbsvkjbjkasdhfuiwhfuiehfjksdbjkvbjkashfjhqewuihfdjkbnjvkdbafjkhqeuihweuindjskbvjaksdqeruihwdjksahfajksdfhueiwfhsadjkfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hafhjas ha fhjka huweiq hwjk fhqwuiqw hajksda jfhqweui hsdjk fhjka sdhuqwie hksd hasjk ui wejk ...

3 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,1.66 スコア
weight   2019/10/3

Any advice on the best way to lose a quick ten pounds? I am heading to the beach and want to look good, so need to drop ten pounds.........really want to get that six pack back........lol

3 コメント, 29 閲覧された回数, 20 投票 ,1.85 スコア
Strength Training   2019/10/1

What exercises and rep range do people recommend to get strong? Do you stick to the big lifts like, Squat, Deadlift and bench press? <br><br> What about rep range? Keep them low say 5-8?

5 コメント, 29 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.82 スコア
Sucknfuckn3 28 男
5  記事
Intermittent fasting and how it affects you?   2019/9/30

So how many of y’all have heard go intermittent fasting? The idea is humans aren’t supposed to eat constantly but because of food scarcity during the caveman years our bodies evolved to only eat one - 2 meals a day. In modern times it translates to only ingesting calories during an 8 hour window usually and not eat for the other 16 hours forcing you body to burn the carbs it’s storing up ...

2 コメント, 13 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,2.14 スコア
Pullmytrigger56 52 男
7  記事
Fun   2019/9/29

Everybody wants fun yet nobody wants fun it seems.if they did we b in shape I guess

0 コメント, 7 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,3.63 スコア
hosenheels4u 50 T
5  記事
Tightening up   2019/9/29

Would love some advice on how to firm up my legs/ass area....recently put on a little weight and it went to my belly and ass, not much but more than I like...any advice?

2 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,2.79 スコア
chiler32 30 男
1  記事
Physical   2019/9/28

This matters when you meet some one. Please share your thoughts whatbis important what not

1 コメント, 10 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,0.23 スコア
Exercise   2019/9/28

Does it matter to you if someone you meet exercises?

0 コメント, 14 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,1.93 スコア
Running   2019/9/27

Does anyone have any good advice on how to improve my one-mile time? Any runners out there? I have tried diet, speed training, you name it......and still, the same time. Please advise.

2 コメント, 12 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,2.16 スコア
Bigdeemikeh2 32 男
9  記事
Penis exercise   2019/9/27

Anyone of you guys have a good stretching/jelging routine? If so feel free to share.

0 コメント, 13 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,1.69 スコア
Regularneeded826 37 男
3  記事
Why is it so hard   2019/9/26

Why is it so hard find a woman who takes care of her self?

2 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,1.39 スコア
Regularneeded826 37 男
3  記事
Why is it so hard   2019/9/26

Why is it so hard find a woman who takes care of her self?

0 コメント, 6 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,2.08 スコア
Penis Pumps and Prostate Massage   2019/9/22

I love to pump my cock. While doing so I like to use a prostate massage as well. I can have very long satisfying orgasms. Often multiple orgasms within minutes of each other. Do you like to pump too?

0 コメント, 10 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,1.62 スコア
hosenheels4u 50 T
5  記事
In shape for a cross dresser   2019/9/22

I would like to slim down a bit as a cross dresser, not sure how thin men prefer. I am not fat any means just a little belly I would like to lose, the rest of me I feel is fine but would also like to be a little more defined overall...suggestions?

1 コメント, 10 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,2.80 スコア
Acrobatic sex   2019/9/21

Have you ever felt old or out of shape when you try a new position? Or even worse to you ever injure yourself or your partner? Sometimes I feel people need to be in Cirque to pull of some of the things I see online or in books.

0 コメント, 9 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,2.78 スコア
Acrobatic sex   2019/9/21

Have you ever felt old or out of shape when you try a new position? Or even worse to you ever injure yourself or your partner? Sometimes I feel people need to be in Cirque to pull of some of the things I see online or in books.

0 コメント, 5 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,0.92 スコア
Acrobatic sex   2019/9/21

Have you ever felt old or out of shape when you try a new position? Or even worse to you ever injure yourself or your partner? Sometimes I feel people need to be in Cirque to pull of some of the things I see online or in books.

0 コメント, 5 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,0.53 スコア
How to get really lean   2019/9/19

Has anyone got experience of getting sub % bodyfat? What are you tips. Did you do cardio? HIIT or LISS

1 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,4.21 スコア
points   2019/9/12

Always running

1 コメント, 12 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,1.00 スコア
Bigdeemikeh2 32 男
9  記事
HIIT   2019/9/12

Instead of doing traditional low and slow cardio, try tieing together 4-5 different exercises that target various muscle groups and cycle through them. Not only are you getting cardio, but you're also getting the anaerobic benefits of weight lifting like muscle mass gain and endurance.

2 コメント, 12 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,2.28 スコア
Points   2019/9/12

The lifeblood of the free member

1 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,2.02 スコア
alwayslookin8454 46 男
6  記事
Fitness   2019/9/11

"Another study looked at patients with stable heart failure and determined that exercise relieves symptoms, improves quality of life, reduces hospitalization, and in some cases, reduces the risk of death, " adds Dr. Permuth-Levine. She points out that exercise isn't just important for people who are already living with health conditions: "If we can see benefits of moderate ...

1 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,2.32 スコア
finearse 31 男
3  記事
Just posting for points   2019/9/9

More points for me

3 コメント, 10 閲覧された回数, 2 投票 ,1.73 スコア
timeforfungc73 46 男
4  記事
gym and sex   2019/9/8

where is the best place for sex the gym, ,, Suana is favurite

1 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,1.09 スコア
29HornynBored 35 男
2  記事
Horny from Working Out   2019/9/6

Does anyone else here get horny from working out? Not sure what it is, whether its the sweat, feeling of accomplishment or what, but when i get done working out im always super horny.

2 コメント, 14 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,2.02 スコア
robert_954 28 男
7  記事
fitness for life   2019/9/5

I have noticed that by exercising more I've been able to last longer in the bed

1 コメント, 9 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,3.30 スコア
Bigdeemikeh2 32 男
9  記事
Way to split up the lower body   2019/9/5

A great way to split up the lower body is to think of it as anterior (front) and posterior (back) workouts on different days. On Monday for example I usually do anterior work meaning leg press, squat variations, leg extensions etc. I also tend to do my heel/calf raise work on these days as well due to how quickly they recover. On Wednesday I focus on the hamstrings with mainly deadlift ...

1 コメント, 8 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,2.49 スコア
Bigdeemikeh2 32 男
9  記事
Simple way to split up upper body exercises   2019/9/5

When it comes to the upper body I believe we have 4 "core" exercises or movements that are multi joint and key to any good exercise program. They are: 1. Horizontal push (bench press, any variety including push press machines) 2. Horizontal pull (row, any variety) 3. Vertical push (strict overhead press, push press, machines etc) 4. Vertical pull (pull ups, lat pulldown machine done ...

1 コメント, 9 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,3.08 スコア
rm4334 26 男
5  記事
Fitness   2019/9/5

Resistance bands are an inexpensive and convenient option for people of any age or fitness level. They’re safe, easy to use and suitable for a wide range of capability – but don’t let that fool you! Though they may not look all that intimidating, these tiny bands can wreak absolute havoc. <br><br> Technically speaking, resistance bands can be categorised as a form of weight ...

1 コメント, 9 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,4.22 スコア
pjfriendly082 42 男
3  記事
Does your Fitness Level mean anything to you?   2019/9/4

I recently had an unfortunate accident. I had to undergo therapy. My physicians explained that had I been exercising I would have less recovery time and been in much better shape. Not only survive the impact of the situation but to be able to cope and carry on daily activities. It was mentally draining to know that on a day to day basis that had i put in the time before I would have saved myself ...

0 コメント, 6 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,3.63 スコア
Best way to stay in shape....   2019/9/1

Sex..... sex ....... and more sex!

0 コメント, 8 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,2.16 スコア
CumSwallowMySeed 32 男
1  記事
where are the fat chicks   2019/8/31

so i can avoid them

3 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,3.14 スコア
pervyhero 27 男
2  記事
GTL   2019/8/31

Gym, tan laundry everyday all day

0 コメント, 3 閲覧された回数, 3 投票 ,1.96 スコア
how horny CAn u be   2019/8/23

How often a day are you horny and/or thinkin about sex?

4 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,3.01 スコア
who likes sexercise the best?   2019/8/21

is not sexercise the best form of exercise?

0 コメント, 10 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,3.48 スコア
Bigme8910 37 男
6  記事
Getting back to it...   2019/8/20

Was in pretty good shape most of my life. Just the last 5 years got hectic and I got out of the routine of going to gym. Between work, going back to college and having a daughter 4 years ago, I now am the owner of the ultimate dad bod. Been struggling to get back to the gym, my job keeps me active but it’s not enough. I’ve started meal prepping so as not to eat garbage in hopes that will ...

0 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,2.62 スコア
95hondacivic 47 男
8  記事
fit and sexy   2019/8/12

Anyone in here find a fit and sexy man and woman far more appealing than someone who is a normal mom and dad bod or is it just me?

3 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,3.83 スコア
JackMcGak 38 男
2  記事
Cock Push-up?   2019/8/5

Has anyone ever done a successful cock push-up?

0 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,2.78 スコア
Running   2019/8/4

likes running? likes points?

3 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,3.65 スコア
Justmebackagain2 37 男
2  記事
Staying in shape   2019/7/27

Do you think your partner should do what they can to be in good physical shape?

3 コメント, 44 閲覧された回数, 22 投票 ,3.49 スコア
Justmebackagain2 37 男
2  記事
Do you like a man in shape   2019/7/27

Would you rather your man be in good physical shape or not?

1 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,1.59 スコア
Seeking a workout buddy in Clearwater.   2019/7/23

I feel disabled by my weight and am tired of it. I think someone to 'coach' or just nudge me would be a great help!!

2 コメント, 34 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,3.36 スコア
RobDavenport 57 男
8  記事
Weight training for men   2019/7/23

Weight training is not only important in building strength, but can help boost testosterone levels to aid not only in startup time, but recovery time as well. Additionally, thee classic pushup, situp and crunch are still great fof strengthening the shoulders, chest and abs.

2 コメント, 23 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,3.86 スコア
bpervy73 47 男
2  記事
At 46 ,Ihave the sex drive of an 18 year old   2019/7/21

i have achieved it rather inexpensively and easily . every day i take a multivitamin . for 2 years now , i also takke 2 korean ginseng ($5 for 60 at dollar general) and one horny goatweed($7 for at dg). my last gf was about to enter her sexual prime at 36 . she couldnt keep up. recommended it to friends and they swear it .

0 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,3.72 スコア
jtp8469 34 男
3  記事
Sex and working out?   2019/7/10

Does anyone else think sex is the best work ?

1 コメント, 32 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,3.39 スコア
aorers1 46 男
5  記事
?   2019/7/9

any and all are welcomed for no diffrence

0 コメント, 8 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,2.28 スコア
sundaydressed 28 男
1  記事
Fbb and muscular women   2019/7/7

Fbb are something were not supposed to be into according to the mainstream. Let's change that

0 コメント, 30 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,2.28 スコア
Benzzzy316 27 男
4  記事
Forarms   2019/7/5

One of the best workouts: <br><br> First you wanna open your internet browser. Follow that by typing in xvideos. Then find something sexy but also something thatll make you last at least an hour. You then wanna jerk off l, increase your speed every 10 mins. Once you hit the 30 min mark switch arms, maybe put a new video on. Do this work out every day and you'll look like popeye ...

0 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,1.86 スコア
Hotfunz3 34 男
5  記事
anyone need workout buddy?   2019/7/4

Anyone need a workout buddy? LET ME KNOW

3 コメント, 15 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,3.25 スコア
everthing82 37 男
4  記事
is it for who   2019/6/28

i workout for me i like being in good shape now it does come with perks like when you hit the beach or pool and take off your shirt , Now as long as you never lose sight of why you do it pump on

4 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.66 スコア
1up4peach 33 C
2  記事
what is the best body type   2019/6/25

out favorite is thick and or curvy girls bbw as you call it but everyone is beautiful!

2 コメント, 28 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,2.44 スコア
KatieChris4fun 30 C
1  記事
how important is being fit?   2019/6/22

he all, just wondering your thoughts on fitness. i have always been into fitness, both in keeping myself fit and in my partners. it is very important to me and will always be. just wondering where does fitness rank for everyone else. thanks.

9 コメント, 69 閲覧された回数, 31 投票 ,4.87 スコア
justroiet2 33 男
7  記事
i have more thrust now   2019/6/17

i started going the gym more regularly and doing yoga + weights strengthen my lower body, and my sex life has tremendously improved. I have so much more thrust, its unbelievable

1 コメント, 32 閲覧された回数, 25 投票 ,2.69 スコア
Fitness   2019/6/13

Creating this article for the points. I need points.

2 コメント, 28 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,3.52 スコア
squaredpineapple 30 男
5  記事
Fit or Chubby   2019/6/9

Do people only really want to meet up with fit guys or is some extra padding good? I like a little bit of thickness. Some to grab and hold onto really turns me on.

1 コメント, 29 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,2.83 スコア
jesterlife 56 男
2  記事
Get Yourself Healthier and Happier   2019/6/6

A lot of people talk about "getting in shape" but then they dread making the effort. The evidence is pretty clear that we will live healthier and happier lives IF we are active and physically fit. Increasingly the illness that plagues our modern society can be traced back to our own success and the increased comforts (some would call laziness) of our modern world. Bottom line is we move ...

0 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,2.56 スコア
Summernites88 43 C
7  記事
Body of a God   2019/6/5

Bodybuilding is a habit you form from being consistent with your daily routine. If you miss a workout you actually feel guilty. The guilt keeps you on track and keeps you going but the biggest motivator is the rewards of a beautiful body.

5 コメント, 50 閲覧された回数, 32 投票 ,3.33 スコア
CoastalPro87 31 男
5  記事
Single   2019/6/2

Need to find the energy to hit the gym now! Need to get cut up like I was before a relationship! Never losing myself again!!

1 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,1.63 スコア
kickCGandDG521 38 C
6  記事
Fitness   2019/6/1

Who all likes to stay fit? We do.

3 コメント, 33 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,3.94 スコア
Chillguy985 31 男
5  記事
Around Rochester mn   2019/5/30

Where do members go to work our are there any good Workout facilities in the area.? Maybe one with a sauna or spa coed preferably? I always see Erotic videosWith people in the sauna after a good workout I think that be really fun.

1 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,2.79 スコア
NRDay 23 男
7  記事
Do alot   2019/5/26

Get fit

0 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,1.16 スコア
thedavidsiqui 22 男
5  記事
How do you develop your arms?   2019/5/21

I want to dry to make my arms bigger, in every aspect possible. Should I target any specific muscles?

3 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,1.62 スコア
thedavidsiqui 22 男
5  記事
How do you develop your arms?   2019/5/21

I want to dry to make my arms bigger, in every aspect possible. Should I target any specific muscles?

0 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,2.14 スコア
What is your favourite post training food   2019/5/18

I love: Oats, chia , frozen blueberries, Greek yogurt and honey

2 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,1.36 スコア
DirtyThoughts002 39 男
6  記事
Lose body fat   2019/5/17

What are the best ways to lose body fat? Is running still good or is something like HIIT better?

1 コメント, 13 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,2.82 スコア
deezh803 33 男
8  記事
abs or legs   2019/5/11

what the preference??

2 コメント, 28 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,2.39 スコア
hhill54927 22 男
4  記事
Working out   2019/4/28

How often does everyone workout? What are some good tips to continuously workout and good exercises you like to do

3 コメント, 42 閲覧された回数, 24 投票 ,2.56 スコア
B19Ha1rynuts4cks 24 男
6  記事
Points   2019/4/27

How many ppl consider being fit and active as a turn on? I know I love it when my girl is in shape and able to bend all diff types of ways

3 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,2.10 スコア
How much weight do you lift   2019/4/16

What sort of weight do you all lift in terms of : <br><br> Barbell bench Back Squat Deadlift <br><br> What is your weight?

0 コメント, 29 閲覧された回数, 21 投票 ,0.77 スコア
Preferred Cardio for fat loss?   2019/4/11

What do you find is the best type of cardio to get to your abs to show? <br><br> There is the whole debate around HIIT or LISS and fasted non fated. <br><br> Whats everyone opinions?

1 コメント, 32 閲覧された回数, 20 投票 ,2.10 スコア
SecretRomance4Us 41 男
5  記事
points   2019/3/31

just here for points

1 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 20 投票 ,1.98 スコア
Fully_Loaded_100 31 男
6  記事
Is there any better exercise than sex   2019/3/30

Well.. is there?

4 コメント, 53 閲覧された回数, 31 投票 ,1.80 スコア
Newbe509 43 男
7  記事
General question   2019/3/27

What type of physical quality do women prefer

2 コメント, 44 閲覧された回数, 29 投票 ,2.54 スコア
Men: Do you like the vegan diet?   2019/3/27

Men: Do you like the vegan diet? <br><br> While not totally vegan, some people include fish and eggs. I have found that I prefer the no meat no dairy diet and keeping below 36g a day. It is not always possible with avoid a completely free dairy diet, so much has dairy, but you can usually do it with a lot of label reading. No meat is easy once you get the hang of it. When I was very ...

3 コメント, 47 閲覧された回数, 29 投票 ,1.13 スコア
protestant8104 38 男
10  記事
Advice   2019/3/26

Masturbation is sport, too

1 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,2.54 スコア
sexyboy594x 22 男
1  記事
Fitness advice   2019/3/25


1 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,1.85 スコア
deezh803 33 男
8  記事
working out   2019/3/24

How many of you actually workout? Cardio? Weights?

2 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,1.29 スコア
SingleFitDude 40 男
5  記事
Calories   2019/2/26

15 mins equals 230 cals which is one IPA... math 😦

0 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 20 投票 ,2.87 スコア
BbsOoo 42 男
1  記事
Tired   2019/2/22

Tired of all this b*******

1 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,3.27 スコア
DirtyBoi1423 25 男
2  記事
Fitness is key   2019/2/20

Being fit improves your body and mind. But beauty also comes in all shapes and sizes

0 コメント, 14 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,1.86 スコア
Illbcnu696969 31 男
7  記事
Increase libido   2019/2/18

Does weightlifting or running increase stamina at all?

2 コメント, 40 閲覧された回数, 26 投票 ,2.81 スコア
ClassicRockStud 43 男
5  記事
Aricle #1   2019/2/5

Coming soon...Will add later on..

0 コメント, 28 閲覧された回数, 21 投票 ,1.52 スコア
Stevenztaylor 45 男
6  記事
Tired   2019/1/31

What is it about the cold weather that makes me so tited

2 コメント, 23 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,0.99 スコア
Manroc1965 55 男
1  記事
Runnning to a Healthier Sex life   2019/1/29

I had neglected my physical activities at the gym over the last 5 months. Not because I just did, but had gotten a diabetic attack that really set me back and took a good month to recover from. The symptoms were constantly tired, my vision was unsteady or blurry and generally felt not motivated what so ever. <br><br> After several medical appointments with various medical ...

1 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,1.94 スコア
SeekingFLRinTN 45 男
1  記事
Discipline/Motivation to Reach Goals?   2019/1/28

ago when I was near lots of adult entertainment production I had found an actress who loved to be dominant and we traded me training her physically to stay in shape and she was a discipline motivator for various goals that I had... failure to meet progress benchmarks = pretty harsh punishment. I used this for professional goals, personal goals, etc. Has anyone used this idea to get in shape? ...

0 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.34 スコア
Sooperguyy 52 男
4  記事
Anyone do penis exercises?   2019/1/25

More importantly, is there truly a benefit?

1 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,1.76 スコア
TysonDra9 36 男
7  記事
Program   2019/1/14

Looking to start a new program, but with so many out there, I want to see if anyone has any they love. Looking to retain fitness level, tone up in the important spots, and overall, stay healthy.

1 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,1.99 スコア
TysonDra9 36 男
7  記事
Looking for new fitness plans.   2019/1/3

Hit a rut, and would like to see what other people are trying or had success with.

1 コメント, 32 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,2.98 スコア
231spyder 42 男
7  記事
vege burgers for a new years diet   2019/1/3

not for everyone, but making home made veggie burgers and going vegan for 2 weeks really jump starts a diet and changed the way i look at my meal prep. Killing sodas and beer really helped as well... i eventually went back to meat, but def not near as much as before. I lost 20 lbs in 4 months and never really felt starved or not satisfied going vegan for most of my meals...

0 コメント, 14 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.66 スコア
wildpoetry 45 男
7  記事
Yoga and Martial Arts   2018/12/25

Do you practice a martial art or yoga? <br><br> What does your practice look like? <br><br> How does it support your sexual experiences and expressions?

1 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,2.69 スコア
wildpoetry 45 男
7  記事
Experiences Around Workouts and Libido   2018/12/25

How do you find your workouts impact your libido? <br><br> Do different kinds of workouts effect you differently? <br><br> <br><br> Personally I find that anything that gets me sweating and exerting brings me more into my body and gets the blood flowing, increasing libido and making me a more present and responsive lover. <br><br> Lately, strength ...

2 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 11 投票 ,3.17 スコア
discreetaddison4 48 男
2  記事
getting offended   2018/12/25

Why does everyone get offended when you want a certain body type. You say be in shape and everyone gets mad. We like what we like and should not get mad.

3 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,3.57 スコア
hardlatino81 37 男
4  記事
New workouts ?   2018/12/19

Good workouts to kill it in bed

1 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,3.27 スコア
FistyP 34 男
1  記事
Looking for fun and a good time   2018/12/14

Yes looking for some fun today

2 コメント, 17 閲覧された回数, 11 投票 ,2.79 スコア
walkinbanana2 40 男
6  記事
Dad bods   2018/12/12

Do I need 5o keep a six pack as I near 40, or are dad bods really okay?

2 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,2.86 スコア
anyone have trouble staying motivated?   2018/12/9

I use to love working out but now that I am older I find I like it less. Does anyone have any tips on how to stay motivated? I would like to hear what works for folks.

4 コメント, 28 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,3.14 スコア
10Inchcougarmeat 37 男
5  記事
perfect foods for six pacs   2018/12/9

some of the best foods are light white meats such as chicken, fish pork.

2 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,2.86 スコア
Health and Wellnexxx Sextathletes from the boardroom to the bedroom.   2018/12/6

We need to be both ‘sprinters’ and ‘marathoners' – delivering energy over short periods and long hours <br><br> Think back to when you began your working life. You were young, fit and full of energy around the clock. You may have run, cycled or worked out before and/or after work. You could drink like a fish, go out (or work) late, you could even have eaten cardboard and ...

0 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,2.98 スコア
splitcase 39 男
6  記事
Fitness and appearance are a person choice.   2018/12/5

Last night I got into a conversation at the bar. The guy next to me had just finished insulting this younger heavy set lady who didn't look like she had a long hard day at work. <br><br> The younger lady started to leave when I offered to buy her a drink and mentioned she could sit with me and this girl whom I have been friends with for many years. After my friend and I ...

2 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,3.69 スコア
Anyone try Les Miles Body Pump class   2018/12/4

My gym is offering a Body Pump class from Les Miles. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried that class?

2 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,2.14 スコア
Red_bub81 38 男
5  記事
Quick way to lose   2018/11/18

Bout 20 lbs what some good foods to eat that will fill one up but mot eat alot. Help me

2 コメント, 43 閲覧された回数, 28 投票 ,2.62 スコア
trentfatdick 34 男
1  記事
Workout   2018/11/12

Does jelking work for dick? I have been curious, it seems time consuming.

1 コメント, 40 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,3.13 スコア
wyoman34 31 男
1  記事
Sex before competition   2018/10/25

Back in ancient Greece and Rome, it was said to be a bad thing to have sex before competition. But in recent with the ramped use of steroids and performance enhanced drugs. Scientist have started to study the effects that sex has on an athlete. These study's have shown that having intercorss increases testosterone and endorphins. Maybe instead of using drugs to increase athletic ...

1 コメント, 47 閲覧された回数, 38 投票 ,3.57 スコア
testorone   2018/10/20

working out butning caloroes inreases sex dribe men and women

1 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 21 投票 ,2.26 スコア
LexCaymen 32 男
1  記事
Fasting with - and without - dieting and exercise   2018/10/18

Hey guys, <br><br> Just started with a 16 Hour Fasting (don't know what difference an extra hour would make) and was wondering if people have had results with fasting for a better physique, or use it in combination with other activities such as diet and exercise. <br><br> I've read that sometimes fasting has eaten away at the fat to reach the muscle beneath (advice ...

0 コメント, 37 閲覧された回数, 26 投票 ,2.92 スコア
Doing it for the points   2018/10/10

Doing it for the points

7 コメント, 77 閲覧された回数, 36 投票 ,4.79 スコア
DevilishForU 59 男
5  記事
Has anyone had luck with pelvic floor exercises   2018/10/8

I've heard lots about pellvic floor exercises....what's your experience? Do they help?....Guys, do they give you more control?

0 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,2.46 スコア
DevilishForU 59 男
5  記事
Has anyone had luck with pelvic floor exercises   2018/10/8

I've heard lots about pellvic floor exercises....what's your experience? Do they help?....Guys, do they give you more control?

1 コメント, 31 閲覧された回数, 21 投票 ,1.89 スコア
DevilishForU 59 男
5  記事
Interval training   2018/10/1

I've been a bit of a gym rat for the last decade or so. It never seems like I have enough time, though. One of my go-to workouts is inttervals...2 minutes going full out and 1 minute for recovery. Its great for heart health and stamina.. <br><br> Anybody else use this approach?

2 コメント, 45 閲覧された回数, 30 投票 ,3.34 スコア
timeforfungc73 46 男
4  記事
cock fitness   2018/9/21

if we go to gym and work out we are fit our muscles look great and are stromger there for, is it right that we should stroke our cock's every day for a better and fitter cock i know i do, ,, ,

1 コメント, 33 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.18 スコア
Workout Routines   2018/9/19

Hey all, <br><br> Just curious to learn more about the weekly workout routines of members on here. What are some of your favorite exercises? Do you have a specific weekly regimen or are you more flexible with your routine? Would enjoy hearing about your experiences and preferences!

1 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,3.59 スコア
dreamdoctor72 47 男
7  記事
size matters!!!!   2018/9/11

hello friends so this is a true to life story. i have been online looking for a friend for quite some time years and have not actually met with a single person due to being a shy guy and having low self asteem i suess. so i wind up finding a woman who lives in my town as a matter of fact she only lives about 2 miles away from where i do. i introduce myself thru the sites im and we begin talking. ...

0 コメント, 34 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,2.33 スコア
Jean_Leon1 42 男
5  記事
Cock ups   2018/9/10

i have been lifting weights with my cock for 6 months now and it has improved my stamina and the quality of erection. When I shoot a load now it sprays all over her face whereas before it just dribbled onto her chin.

0 コメント, 29 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,2.58 スコア
bllkn2it2 43 男
7  記事
Flirting at the gym   2018/9/5

working out at the gym and you get proposition a few times what's your lie I trying to work out I'll get back with you but the same woman keeps propositioning you at a point where she bugging you you try to be as polite as possible and she doesn't look bad at all she was at least looking woman but she just seems a bit desperate I don't want to be an asshole just blow her off ...

1 コメント, 31 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,1.67 スコア
Motivation   2018/8/30

Being a pretty fit guy, I find myself to be very active, frequenting the gym regularly. I feel I am not going enough with 12-13 hours of work a day and every other commitment, I find that once I switch my laptop off, I am not motivated to head to the gym... <br><br> Always on the look-out for the best winning motivation methods to gain that advantage and reap the rewards...

1 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.66 スコア
freakybynatur2 45 男
1  記事
Keeping up   2018/8/23

As we age and become more mature. What exercises should we focus on to maintain optimal performance?

2 コメント, 47 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,3.48 スコア
str8inassdeep 63 T
1  記事
Body Feminization   2018/8/23

Body Feminization for Us Trans Girls Tips to boost the estrogen levels in human body naturally A few steps of increasing estrogen in individuals. Normally, a lady must have estrogen level of 50pg/ml – 400pg/ml before she is in the stage of menopause. <br><br> Check with a doctor or physician before adjusting your estrogen level. <br><br> Healthy diet condition ...

1 コメント, 30 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,3.55 スコア
scltguy2113 38 男
6  記事
fasting?   2018/8/5

Has anyone tried controlled fasting to burn calories and keep lover body fat? I think I do it by accident most of the time.

2 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.02 スコア
Puffyfish177 22 男
14  記事
Fitness   2018/7/30

Is fitness important when looking for a significant other?

2 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,2.14 スコア
Puffyfish177 22 男
14  記事
Fitness   2018/7/30

Is fitness important when looking for a significant other?

0 コメント, 17 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,2.09 スコア
work out?   2018/7/30

yes or no? <br><br> do you have a preference if your significant other works our or not??

2 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,2.19 スコア
AlabamaJay 41 男
2  記事
Dad Bod   2018/7/30

Is the Dad Bod a thing and if so, is it in or out?

0 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,1.60 スコア
trellos4u2 33 男
9  記事
points   2018/7/27

points, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,..........

0 コメント, 13 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,1.72 スコア
workout?   2018/7/26

yes ? no? perhaps?

0 コメント, 14 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,0.86 スコア
johnny481111 42 男
4  記事
How many days do you work out?   2018/7/15

3-4 times a week

1 コメント, 39 閲覧された回数, 26 投票 ,1.62 スコア
Puffyfish177 22 男
14  記事
working out   2018/7/9


0 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,2.58 スコア
Choker76 43 男
2  記事
Flabby vs Fatty   2018/7/8

What's your preference on fitness

3 コメント, 44 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,1.49 スコア
Jimi_Thing 26 男
1  記事
Power lifting Meets   2018/7/4

Who here goes to power lifting meets? Hows the local/state competition? Whats a reasonable triple lift wilks? <br><br> BW 155 lbs Wilks total =370.8 <br><br> Bench - 93.2 wilks (275 lbs) Squat - 123.4 wilks (365 lbs) Deadlift - 154.2 wilks (455 lbs)

0 コメント, 29 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,2.07 スコア
kzooguy47 32 男
1  記事
Running   2018/6/27

How often do u run?

0 コメント, 38 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,1.38 スコア
lookn4yu2day 68 男
18  記事
Stay Within Your Comfort Zone as you get older!   2018/6/27

As we age, our bodies are not as resilient as they were when we were much, much younger. In our teens and twenties we could get out there and play sports for hours on end and get hit all over. Back then, the day after such intensive sports and exercise play we would not exhibit the bodily trauma that we do nowadays. <br><br> Our brain tries to send the message to us that "awww we ...

0 コメント, 34 閲覧された回数, 26 投票 ,2.16 スコア
lookn4yu2day 68 男
18  記事
The Journey Never Ends!   2018/6/26

Ah yes...as we all age....we learn that some things have to be "stepped up.' Like proper nutrition and yes.... exercise. In order to maintain or heaven help us... to "improve" on our exterior "look" and interior "health, " there is the need to "step up" our exercise regimen. <br><br> NEVER easy. It is a commitment. Needs to be a ...

0 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 21 投票 ,2.14 スコア
bud71062 57 男
3  記事
why lie   2018/6/22

so why do people lie when they are gonna meet people i met this women and was shocked when we met i was expecting a 135 lb wome and met a 300 lb wome

2 コメント, 47 閲覧された回数, 30 投票 ,1.77 スコア
ekus7000 65 男
7  記事
como me encantan las cougars del gym   2018/6/21

es una sensacion estar en el gym ..observando a las milf o cougar que van a que les veas las tetas y el hermoso culo cuando hacen escaladora , , , a mi se me acercan con toda la intencion de arrimar su rico traasero en mi pene y me dicen puedes ayudarme con la barra y se voltean ...despues dicen acompañme a el vapor y ahi le s encanta ponerse a mamar vergas de varios , , son hermosas

0 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,1.06 スコア
seanj122 31 男
1  記事
fut   2018/6/13

check it

0 コメント, 32 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,0.36 スコア
7  記事
Too much of a good thing?   2018/6/3

I was recently told that I was in too good of shape and that I'm a bit too hard?!# WTF? I've never come across this before. I personally into a very firm to slightly firm warm body, others? Maybe she was trying to get a rise out of me after feeling me all up? I'm lost...input

3 コメント, 62 閲覧された回数, 31 投票 ,2.38 スコア
GiveMeCurves84 36 男
7  記事
Diet > Exercise   2018/5/23

I'm a decently fit person and I absolutely hate that diet trumps exercise. <br><br> I struggle with it because I love food. So I workout, run, climb, etc. and still can't eat 2 costco cheasecakes a day. It's hard being me

0 コメント, 33 閲覧された回数, 24 投票 ,2.22 スコア
GiveMeCurves84 36 男
7  記事
Dieting   2018/5/21

I'm a fit guy, trying to cut down the last bit to really get ripped, and I freaking hate dieting. Honestly though it's what I see the best results with. <br><br> Any advice? tips?

3 コメント, 33 閲覧された回数, 25 投票 ,1.03 スコア
Tylerblk38 41 男
6  記事
Advice   2018/5/19

Hey there <br><br> <br><br> I'm trying to find out if sex a good exercise method I work out in the gym also but like to know does sex burns off weight

0 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,0.92 スコア
how much is fitness important to good sex   2018/5/17

do you think fitness is a way to improve sex? Are fitness type people better in bed?

2 コメント, 38 閲覧された回数, 25 投票 ,2.14 スコア
Running everyday   2018/5/15

running everyday definitely helps when im in bed! Try it out!

2 コメント, 24 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,1.80 スコア
swimming   2018/5/10

do any of you swimmers out there lose weight when you swim.

0 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 21 投票 ,2.14 スコア
Too fit for funk   2018/4/29

My new girl is a gym bunny and the sex is awful. Any correlation?

0 コメント, 27 閲覧された回数, 11 投票 ,2.42 スコア
flicker3210 31 男
4  記事
Effects of fitness   2018/4/11

Keeping self fit is the best gift can give to self. It is also a great way of thanking the almighty who has bestowed us with a healthy body. By maintaining fitness can enjoy life in the following ways: We can eat without worrying much whatever we want as we know that we will sweat it out. It is of the best mood lifters. Builds self confidence like nothing else does. We can ...

1 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,1.36 スコア
Better health for better performance   2018/4/7

The key to having optimum performance in the bedroom is to keep your health very high. This requires proper diet and working out.

2 コメント, 41 閲覧された回数, 22 投票 ,2.17 スコア
Bodyfat Percentage   2018/3/23

Hi All, <br><br> What is everyone's opinions on body fat percentage for males and getting Abs to show? <br><br> I think the guide is at 10% bodyfat a male should have visible abs. I have been around 13% in the past with no sign of them. I am below that now and lean and dont want to get much leaner but still no abs. <br><br> Do you think some people just ...

6 コメント, 45 閲覧された回数, 22 投票 ,1.44 スコア
hardddinhou 29 男
2  記事
daily routine   2018/3/12

besides sex!!! whats your fitness routine schedule? every day? weekends only? what do you do to stay in shape

9 コメント, 83 閲覧された回数, 40 投票 ,2.20 スコア
Sometimes it doesn't fit ...   2018/3/6

Im in shape. work out daily. oddly i dont like my partners to be super fit like me. not sure why. anyone else?

1 コメント, 48 閲覧された回数, 30 投票 ,1.97 スコア
Nikhilpkd 24 男
3  記事
being healthy and fit   2018/2/27

Being healthy and fit in simple terms means taking good care of the body. We should remember that a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. Good health of both mind and body helps one maintain the required energy level to achieve success in life. All of us must strive to achieve wholesome health. <br><br> Protecting your body from the intake of harmful substances, doing regular ...

1 コメント, 54 閲覧された回数, 36 投票 ,1.43 スコア
fitness   2018/2/27

i think i need a new work out partner lost my old one to a move any suggestions

1 コメント, 30 閲覧された回数, 20 投票 ,2.36 スコア
marriedfromPA 51 男
3  記事
Most on here appear in great shape- kudos!!   2018/2/23

Most on here appear in great shape based on your pics- kudos!! This includes both men and women. Share your workout secrets and with all of us who want to t and tighten. Share what works and what has not worked so well for you. Appreciate your contributions!

4 コメント, 80 閲覧された回数, 38 投票 ,2.41 スコア
YoungNHornyyy20 22 男
3  記事
Fitness   2018/2/20

Anyone got a good place they workout at? I tried global fitness and it's not the best in the world lol looking for a good place with New equipment and is nice

1 コメント, 30 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,2.08 スコア
james433433 34 男
14  記事
Health   2018/2/18

Im looking for a like minded workout partner.

1 コメント, 40 閲覧された回数, 26 投票 ,3.13 スコア
bottomXelite 27 男
1  記事
Sex does the body good   2018/2/7

Coming Soon...

2 コメント, 43 閲覧された回数, 28 投票 ,0.98 スコア
uzun_co_38 37 男
1  記事
fitness is important for body shape.   2018/1/19

Fitness has rising importance according to most people. Because daily routines and job routines make our bodies lazy. Also foods are full of calorie. This makes people getting more fat and inactive. <br><br> One of the easier and faster way of making our bodies fit is fitness. Fitness will make our bodies more fit and good shaped. So we may feel happier. Also in addition to the ...

2 コメント, 33 閲覧された回数, 24 投票 ,3.13 スコア
PerformingWolf 54 男
5  記事
Is fitness overrated?   2018/1/12

Having played sport all my life I always had a a fit body and was quite ripped. The past ten years since giving it all up I have put on a little more weight, but surprisingly I feel way better than I did when I was busting my arse to stay fit. I really feel fitness is overrated and a bit narcissistic. It is great to chill out and not stress and strain my body, mind and wallet anymore. How do ...

2 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,2.34 スコア
DO New years resoultions work?   2018/1/1

Thoughts on this? personally i think they work sometimes but most times 9/10 they dont

1 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 11 投票 ,3.17 スコア
Football   2017/12/27

In my opinion the protests in the NFL will be mostly forgotten in about three years. I guess we'll see how right I am about that. Referring to the national anthem thing.

1 コメント, 17 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,2.64 スコア
james433433 34 男
14  記事
luv to work out   2017/12/17

im a gym rat. do people think thats sexy?

1 コメント, 23 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,2.30 スコア
wetwildsd69 46 男
6  記事
Be fit   2017/12/15

Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities. Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest. <br><br> Before the industrial revolution, fitness was defined as the capacity to carry out the day’s ...

1 コメント, 15 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,1.97 スコア
knight9hawk9 38 男
1  記事
Sex Location Calorie Burn out   2017/11/26

Which Sex Location Would You Burn The Most Calories? <br><br> On a bar stool Rear of a car In a phone booth, standing In a phone booth, lying down On an airliner, aisle seat On an airliner, middle seat On an airliner, window seat On an airliner, in the lavatory <br><br> THX

3 コメント, 35 閲覧された回数, 26 投票 ,2.38 スコア
CrossFit   2017/11/22

Why is this still a rage? Have people not figured out this is terrible for 's back? The movements and techniques are so dangerous.

1 コメント, 31 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,3.12 スコア
2xtreme297 38 男
8  記事
The steps trend   2017/11/14

I find it funny how everyone is so focused on getting their steps in at lease 10000 steps. I get it, it helps keeps the blood flowing but for those really wanting to lose weight or get in shape.........YOU NEED TO DO MORE THAN JUST WALK. That's all I have to say

2 コメント, 31 閲覧された回数, 20 投票 ,3.25 スコア
2xtreme297 38 男
8  記事
The steps trend   2017/11/14

I find it funny how everyone is so focused on getting their steps in at lease 10000 steps. I get it, it helps keeps the blood flowing but for those really wanting to lose weight or get in shape.........YOU NEED TO DO MORE THAN JUST WALK. That's all I have to say

0 コメント, 15 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,2.45 スコア
SavvyBurlyReal 40 男
7  記事
Trying to get in shape again.   2017/11/14

Im trying to start a new workout routine before the holidays hopefully to lose some weight before the big event and eat smart during it. Any advice?

0 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,3.30 スコア
sex or fitness   2017/11/11

is it worth that fitness or sex stamina i am totalyy agree with if no fitness u can not enjoy, .....

0 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,3.39 スコア
funguy13977 40 男
1  記事
How to lose weight   2017/11/6

Hello i need some help. I was in a car accident 10 years ago and gained about 100lbs and i need and want to lose it. What is the best way to do it ? Both healthy and safe without joining a gym Any advise is welcomed

3 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,3.44 スコア
jasonhastinydick 35 男
4  記事
tiny dicks   2017/10/29

hello everyone my name is tiny dick jason okay

3 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,0.75 スコア
1  記事
Waight loss and Health   2017/10/25

Lacking stamina ?, heard breathing ?, difficulty getting up from horizontal position ?, reduced flexibility ?, indigestion gastrointestinal issues, bloating, water retention, reduced sex drive, impedance, and hyper perspiration (sweating) hyper or hypoglycemic index, this is the short list of the symptoms of obesity.They include heart attack , the focus of this article however not the symptoms ...

0 コメント, 8 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,4.22 スコア
TAndo1982 37 男
1  記事
Finding Motivation   2017/10/23

How do you find and keep your motivation? I love going to the gym but it always seems like life or depression gets in the way. Just bought a house so finalizing paperwork, moving, getting set up and everything it entails just seems to drain me and my time after work. What do you find helps you maintain your motivation to hit the gym regularly?

0 コメント, 7 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,3.08 スコア
Peonman2 61 男
7  記事
Surgery   2017/10/20

I worked The TRUMP Castle and the Showboat In AC doing Hosting Gigs In their Ballrooms. I saw alot Rich People with tons of Facial and Body surgery. I will not be doing that I think it's dumb shit and Doesn't Look that Great once you are Up Close. Guys were buying Implants for Legs Chest and Arms Plus Facial Surgery you look Like a Martian Catfish after a while. I feel that if you ...

0 コメント, 14 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,3.14 スコア
buck6300 46 男
1  記事
Whats your workout routine?   2017/10/9

What your workout routine? How do you stay sexy?

1 コメント, 8 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,2.53 スコア
high intensity interval training   2017/9/30

It's amazing how much the fitness scene has changed recently. HIIT training has been deemed to be the most scientifically sound training. Curious the success others are seeing with it. I have had some athletic injuries, and this style of training has been wondrous for me. Your results may vary, and you should always ask a doctor before any sort of training.

1 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,3.28 スコア
simon004 33 男
17  記事
Fit and Be fit   2017/9/5

Because there will be no single solution to stopping HIV, having multiple prevention options is not simply a best-case scenario, it is the only scenario that can end the epidemic. This is especially true for women, who bear the brunt of the epidemic. <br><br> IPM has focused on investigating delivery mechanisms that are “coitally independent, ” meaning the microbicide could be ...

0 コメント, 39 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,3.83 スコア
blacklonng72 46 男
7  記事
partner   2017/8/28

any fitness work out partners web site anyone know of?

2 コメント, 41 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,5.23 スコア
Get it   2017/8/27

Lift some heavy shit.. eat a lot. see results

2 コメント, 32 閲覧された回数, 22 投票 ,4.93 スコア
mrblokeman 45 男
16  記事
Exercise and weight gain   2017/8/19

It's a bit disappointing that after exercising and dieting for over a week now, that my weight has actually increased

4 コメント, 43 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,4.16 スコア
mrblokeman 45 男
16  記事
Kettle Bell   2017/8/18

I've been getting the best results from only using a 14KG kettle bell, doing various exercises. Although also dieting, low carbs, high protein I'm finding that my weight is going up. I'm assuming that this is as a result of increased muscle mass?

1 コメント, 33 閲覧された回数, 19 投票 ,3.78 スコア
SMC79 38 男
6  記事
Sex routine   2017/8/17

What do routines do people use to strengthen and lengthen their sexual activities?

4 コメント, 31 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,3.58 スコア
0ralb0tt0m 50 男
1  記事
Sweating   2017/8/13

What is proper etiquette when working out and wiping off equipment?

1 コメント, 23 閲覧された回数, 16 投票 ,3.86 スコア
I'll take   2017/8/13

Give me 20 points so I can find a sexercise buddy

1 コメント, 13 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,2.78 スコア
joe_jor 37 男
1  記事
wanna lady   2017/8/9

i will travel to thailand soon this the 4 times to me , , i want lady from thai stay with me there and guide or be friend...

0 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,1.29 スコア
Hip Thrusts for a Tight Butt   2017/8/3

Want to build a better booty? The hip thrust is a great glutes exercise to do at home and at the gym.

Target Muscles:

Gluteus maximus.

Set Up:

Lie on your back on the floor with your feet comfortably apart (15 to 20 inches). Place a weight plate across your pelvis (as shown), holding it in place with your hands.


Raise your ...

3 コメント, 36 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,3.59 スコア
Thickandlong8545 34 男
1  記事
Preference   2017/7/14

Does everyone have a preference on body type when just looking for sex or does it not matter to you?

0 コメント, 15 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,2.36 スコア
adanac13 51 男
15  記事
sex after fitness   2017/7/4

the best sex i ever had was with a girl i met at the gym.. we worked out together and were getting turned on watching eachother. she dragged me into the changing room and into a washroom stall.. i sat on the toilet and she strattled me and fucked the living shit out of me.. when she was about to cum to my surprise she stood up and squirted all over me...

5 コメント, 56 閲覧された回数, 23 投票 ,3.83 スコア
best one   2017/7/3

sex is the best exercise!!!!!

4 コメント, 14 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,3.47 スコア
rott4milfs 22 男
12  記事
fitness for sex   2017/6/28

staying fit is hard and very challenging especially when your busy with work the thing to do is have a lot of sex and do a work out like your doing it everyday get your fat ass and start fucking harder the better the faster the more fit you going to get the longer you last the better sex is going to feel and the harder the better its going to make you feel and her. staying in shape is hard ...

2 コメント, 37 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,3.67 スコア
KoKo50155 28 男
6  記事
mmmmmmmmmmmmm   2017/5/31


3 コメント, 13 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,1.66 スコア
ricki1967911 52 女
13  記事
Hanging in there   2017/5/25

Preparing to knock on the #50 door, I am hesitant, maybe he's not home or he's taking a shower. I've been walking a lot and drinking more than my fair share of water, I feel my body making some changes, and I feel good. Walking always was a big part of who I am, no matter how tired or who I visit, I always either park my car a few houses away or attempt to walk there if it's close by.

4 コメント, 64 閲覧された回数, 21 投票 ,3.87 スコア
Coolguy122016 32 男
1  記事
Running   2017/5/24

I have a question on running. Is there a right way to run. What by that is if it's better to run before anything or eat something small before a run. Just wondering because I run on a empty stomach

2 コメント, 34 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,3.21 スコア
jthp3699 35 男
5  記事
sex for fitness   2017/5/15

who thinks having sex to stay fit is the best excersise?

4 コメント, 30 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,4.92 スコア
Bacon as source of protein   2017/5/15

I was always curious if bacon bits in a nice kale salad would be sufficient source of protein for a bodybuilder's diet. Especially since it would fit into the high fat, no carb diets that were prevalent a few years ago.

Things that make you go hmmm!

1 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,2.36 スコア
blackness04401 49 男
7  記事
Body types   2017/5/13

Does it really mattered what a man's or woman's body look like this isn't a dating site lol

1 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,1.29 スコア
Bang hard and Burn calories   2017/4/16

Is not the thought alone of having wild, hot and sweaty sex enough to cause the guy to cut his eye at the gal who is showing a little thigh? Just imagine if we men contained our pleasure in order to bless her with more pleasure while burning calories in the process. To me that's the best workout of the day. Full body, full range of motion, stretching, power lifting etc... a recent study shows ...

1 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 11 投票 ,2.79 スコア
Bang hard and Burn calories   2017/4/16

Is not the thought alone of having wild, hot and sweaty sex enough to cause the guy to cut his eye at the gal who is showing a little thigh? Just imagine if we men contained our pleasure in order to bless her with more pleasure while burning calories in the process. To me that's the best workout of the day. Full body, full range of motion, stretching, power lifting etc... a recent study shows ...

0 コメント, 9 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,2.02 スコア
idleHands92 28 男
4  記事
stay fit   2017/4/15

stay fit people. stretch and get some good cardio in. it makes for better health and better sex. you don't want to be a slob.

2 コメント, 18 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,1.94 スコア
sharknet5 49 男
6  記事
Does fitness really matter ?   2017/4/13

So I'm curious as to how much people place in fitness and I guess real physical stamina. Is duration really important or do you think that quality over quantity wins the day?

3 コメント, 28 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,1.09 スコア
Diet plan   2017/4/12

Let us count the reasons we're obsessed with protein. For one, you need enough of this benevolent macronutrient to build and repair muscle. It also plays a role in revving fat-burning metabolism and reducing the hunger pangs that can lead to an attack on the vending machine. Additionally, protein works to slow the release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, which can prevent the sudden ...

2 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,3.63 スコア
HoneyPotHealer 36 男
1  記事
Best Diet   2017/4/5

I've recently found a high-fat, low-carb diet to be great for keeping toned and keeping testosterone high. I find I need a bit of carbs - either loading up just on the weekend or after an intense weight training session - to help build muscle and keep energy up. But, if I over do the carbs I feel sluggish and feels like testosterone dips a bit.

Anyone have any similar experiences or ...

2 コメント, 32 閲覧された回数, 2 投票 ,5.20 スコア
Menu1122 24 男
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.......   2017/4/1

How horny are you usually daily

0 コメント, 5 閲覧された回数, 2 投票 ,3.12 スコア
jcherr022 47 男
5  記事
Sex   2017/3/27

Is sexy considered a workout?

2 コメント, 17 閲覧された回数, 2 投票 ,3.12 スコア
Its warming up outside!   2017/3/17

So now that it is warming up how many of you ladies go out and exercise and how many of you ladies stick to sexercise??

2 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,4.77 スコア
peeing   2017/3/16

so i finish peeing but leave my knickers down, and let him nearer the cistern so he can do the lines. when he's done he hands me a note and tells me to enjoy. so i bend over to snort the cocaine and stick my arse out provocatively, as i snort the first line i feel his hands grope my arse, he tells me he thinks i deserve another so i snort another line and at that exact moment he pushes three ...

2 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,2.51 スコア
Fitness   2017/3/13

physical fitness is to the human body what fine tuning is to an engine. It enables us to perform up to our potential. Fitness can be described as a condition that helps us look, feel and do our best. More specifically, it is the “ability of the human body to function with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to engage in leisure activities. (Physical).” ...

1 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,4.22 スコア
goodfella75 41 男
9  記事
Best way to get in shape   2017/3/4

What do people find is the best way to get in shape? Diet or fitness? Or Both?

3 コメント, 25 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,4.45 スコア
who   2017/1/28

is active and into fitness

0 コメント, 4 閲覧された回数, 3 投票 ,4.41 スコア
goodfella75 41 男
9  記事
ABS   2017/1/21

Whats anyone found the best workout for your abs?

2 コメント, 19 閲覧された回数, 3 投票 ,2.45 スコア
timdill567 34 男
5  記事
anyone know good stretches for calf pain   2017/1/4

I have a pain in my calf and wondering if anyone knows some good stretches to help with it

1 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 9 投票 ,2.78 スコア
idleHands92 28 男
4  記事
sex after fitness   2016/12/30

i exercise to have a clear mind. also it results in the release of endorphins. which make me horny. sex is best after fitness

1 コメント, 29 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,3.98 スコア
CPTMP 37 男
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Stamina   2016/12/28

There is a huge difference between sex stamina and physical stamina...would like to find a way to improve both...at the same time...multi-tasking...any ideas?

0 コメント, 7 閲覧された回数, 1 投票 ,2.40 スコア
The fun of working out with others   2016/12/22

I believe working out with another human is extremely beneficial.

Especially the opposite gender. The way it releases tes for men and helps motivate women is exponential.

Thats why i am hopping to find a women to work out with on this site at the gym and in the bedroom.

3 コメント, 20 閲覧された回数, 10 投票 ,3.58 スコア
Abs   2016/12/10

Been doing regular situps for a long time, getting results, but are there better or alternative exercises to do?

2 コメント, 21 閲覧された回数, 7 投票 ,3.04 スコア
pappyvanwinkle73 47 男
1  記事
Sex before a race   2016/12/8

Does sex the night before a race effect your performance?

4 コメント, 38 閲覧された回数, 8 投票 ,3.01 スコア
Film   2016/11/24

Watch a film porn movie go to bed and disappoint each other...

1 コメント, 9 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,2.08 スコア
bicnv_brad 54 男
3  記事
STAYING IN SHAPE   2016/11/22



0 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 4 投票 ,1.30 スコア
bicnv_brad 54 男
3  記事
STAYING IN SHAPE   2016/11/22



0 コメント, 3 閲覧された回数, 0 投票
standymanlyman 41 男
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I work out   2016/11/17

When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he fly I pimp to the beat, Walking on the street with in my new lafreak, yeah This is how I roll, animal print, pants out control, This is red foo with the big afro It's like Bruce Lee rock at the club Girl look at that body Girl look at that body Girl look at that body I work out

0 コメント, 2 閲覧された回数, 1 投票
the most important   2016/11/16

Skin on skin . the best there is why focus on fitness? be together - enjoy each other Live Love

0 コメント, 3 閲覧された回数, 1 投票 ,2.40 スコア
Mondolent 73 男
3  記事
Get to it   2016/10/25

"And before you ask: at present there is absolutely no solid evidence that strength training—or any other exercise or dietary program—will substantially prolong our life spans. But the preponderance of the scientific evidence, flawed as it is, strongly indicates that we can change the trajectory of decline. We can recover functional years that would otherwise have been lost. There is much ...

1 コメント, 16 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,2.80 スコア
knight_rider1986 30 男
6  記事
working out good for the soul   2016/10/24

if you want to be a fire cracker in bed you need to work out. The most important fitness regime would include the following:

1. Legs for flexible positions 2. Running to ensure your stamina is at the highest level 3. Arms so you can carry her any where 4. Abs - so your stomach is so flat your dick size is at optimum 5. Quads to ensure yours ass is curvy - yes women love men with a round ...

0 コメント, 13 閲覧された回数, 3 投票 ,2.94 スコア
ishn1192 27 男
3  記事
need some advice getting rid of excess fat   2016/10/18

what are some good ways to get rid of love handles and fat around your neck. i have lost a lot of weight but now lookong to get rid of the loose skin. dont really want surgery. does anyone know a secret

0 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 1 投票 ,2.40 スコア
Caught out twice   2016/9/1

A female friend called me up one day and asked me if I wanted to go hiking. It was a fairly good day so I thought it would be good to get out in the forest. The trail we were taking was fairly hilly and it was certainly a good workout. We decided to have lunch by a number of small waterfalls and pools. Having worked up a good sweat during the walk, I decided to have a dip in one of the pools, so ...

2 コメント, 89 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,1.97 スコア
Young people   2016/8/31

Anyone Else experiencing that young people are more occupied with fitness than doing their Job?

0 コメント, 12 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,3.14 スコア
Turdodos 47 男
2  記事
Physical fitness and sex   2016/8/30

Everybody who takes care of themselves has a higher sex drive along with a more attractive body. When I work out at the gym and see women with fit bodies wearing half tops with beautiful stomachs it propels me to work harder to look better so I might have a chance to meet someone like that. being sexier and fit makes you hornier so the combination of the 2 becomes more sex and more attractive to ...

1 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 14 投票 ,5.06 スコア
Jobs   2016/8/24

Anyone Else experiencing this: young co-workers more occupied with exercise than doing their Job?

0 コメント, 11 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,5.10 スコア
secretfun4ustx 48 C
1  記事
Why is it bad to want to be fit?   2016/8/16

We are not writing this to shame anyone or make a comment about anyone, but why is it that when people say I am proud of my body no matter what they are hailed but when someone says they are fit and proud they are called snobs or too shallow. People should be able to express both viewpoints and it should not be bad to be proud of being in shape and wanting to find others who also take pride in ...

2 コメント, 32 閲覧された回数, 15 投票 ,3.90 スコア
rm_GUYfrHotLady 35 男
7  記事
Have an Orgasmic Workout   2016/8/7

A lot of women require a buildup of tension in their legs before they can achieve the release of orgasm, " she said. "So, when a woman exercises, the release of endorphins and dopamine, which are necessary for orgasm, combined with the tension in the abs and lower extremities, can cause the clitoral stimulation" that is needed.

Joy Davidson, Ph.D., author of Fearless Sex, offered a ...

2 コメント, 55 閲覧された回数, 18 投票 ,4.76 スコア
mrfunstuff2198 24 男
1  記事
fitness and being tight   2016/8/3

This is a peice of advice for all ladies who would like to have a tight vagina. Daily excercising of the following, yoga running dancing gymnastics , often will make a female's body tighter. the stronger your core and ass is the tighter you should be. now i am saying oftern, and should because for some reason some women just can't get any tighter

1 コメント, 30 閲覧された回数, 13 投票 ,2.64 スコア
rm_bruce9949 44 男
2  記事
A Hint for Good Cardio   2016/7/26

If you want to increase your heart health , you're going to have to run, walk or perform some other sort of cardio. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. You may wish to walk, as this has very little impact, but to achieve any positive effects is extremely time consuming . Ten miles at four miles an hour is two and a half hours, not to mention maintaining that speed increases the ...

1 コメント, 26 閲覧された回数, 17 投票 ,2.98 スコア
rm_bruce9949 44 男
2  記事
A Hint for Good Cardio   2016/7/25

If you want to increase your heart health , you're going to have to run, walk or perform some other sort of cardio. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. You may wish to walk, as this has very little impact, but to achieve any positive effects is extremely time consuming . Ten miles at four miles an hour is two and a half hours, not to mention maintaining that speed increases the ...

0 コメント, 7 閲覧された回数, 5 投票 ,1.84 スコア
sainter2001 49 男
1  記事
Running fitness   2016/7/18

Over the past few months I have stepped up my running to have now completed an ultra marathon. Have dropped some weight and feel great. I have found that it has also helped with my sexual endurance and leg strength when playing. Anyone else care to share their experience of how their running fitness translates into their play?

3 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,3.08 スコア
Rohansoni24 36 男
3  記事
boost ur sex with honey   2016/6/12

Honey is associated with love and sex in both the Bible and the Karma Sutra.

At traditional Indian weddings, the bridegroom is often offered honey to boost his stamina - and it could do the same for all men.

Most potent are honeys from bees that gather nectar from aphrodisiac flowers such as jasmine, orchids or marjoram - reputedly the favourites of the Greek goddess of love, ...

2 コメント, 22 閲覧された回数, 12 投票 ,3.68 スコア
Pellesak_CZ 34 男
2  記事
ůžasná noc   2016/6/9

It happened one day when I was out urgent reasons, under the threat of financial sanctions had work to do overnight. I was not there myself but with me there too was my boss. I knew she likes me and she liked me. But there's also ended. But this day was different today from the beginning of the night. I had no idea that my boss watching me on WebCat whenever I go up to the office for some needs. ...

5 コメント, 143 閲覧された回数, 28 投票 ,6.22 スコア
Body motion   2016/6/5


0 コメント, 8 閲覧された回数, 3 投票 ,0.98 スコア
Great Weight Loss Stories   2016/6/1

I have some body work to do. I would love to hear/read some great success stories for people reforming their bodies. Share how much you lost, how long you worked on it, and what you did. thanks all look forward to the ideas/hints tips and success stories.

1 コメント, 23 閲覧された回数, 6 投票 ,3.37 スコア