CookiesNMischief 34 / 男
""Sex on television can't hurt you, unless you fall off." ~ Anon"
Seminole County, フロリダ, アメリカ
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登録日: 2013年 2月 15日

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CookiesNMischief 34/男
Seminole County, Florida
- I'm recommended fun...
Any women, in the surrounding Central Florida area want to play? Granted, a certain pandemic is making sure social distancing is in order. But after all this is done, anyone want to truly meet up to relieve not only the stress of being stuck at home with cabin fever? I'm a man, looking for a woman (preferably older), for play whenever the mood arises...which is often. Whether you're single, attached, married, of whatever, doesn't matter to me. What does count is a mutual friendly connection, and that we make good use of the time in between, whether it's chatting or we're physically engaging - basically, fun is where it's at. Particulars: Intelligent and articulate women who, after exchanging chats, would actually like to meet for friendship, a FWB situation, or simply NSA fun. Feel free to apply within. Operators are standing by. M~ Again, thanks for taking a read...

理想の相手: - See above; I'd also like to add that I know any potential friendships/extracurricular activities that come from this, time is of the essence - it still remains an integral part of life itself. I'm a fairly busy guy who unfortunately, has to adult quite often. The reason I come on here is not just to blog, but to meet up with a woman, and engage in some stress free fun. It's simple as that.

While it is a little disappointing that NSA is strictly that (at times, I do wish it were an ongoing thing...) I understand, and appreciated the company.

Otherwise, if you any questions, feel free to reach out.

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  • 34 / 男性
  • Seminole County, フロリダ, アメリカ
探している相手:  女性 又は カップル(男性/女性)
生年月日: 1985年 12月 21日
長距離の移動: もしかしたら
婚姻状況: 独身
身長: 5 ft 7 in / 170-172 cm
体型: 平均体型
喫煙: 喫煙しない
飲酒: 人並み程度に飲む
ドラッグ: ドラッグは使わない
学歴: 大卒
職業: Drone
人種: その他
宗教: その他
子供の有無: いいえ
将来子供が欲しい?: 欲しいかもしれない
男性器のサイズ: 該当なし/該当なし
包茎手術: 回答を避ける
言語: 英語
髪の長さ: ショート
瞳の色: 場合によって異なる
メガネ/コンタクト: メガネ